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   Chapter 1181 Dina Was Mean And Bitter

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The moment Nora noticed that Darren was crossing the line, she tugged at his sleeve and shook her head slightly.

Carlos furrowed his brows at Nora when he saw what she had done, disappointment gleaming wetly in his eyes. Feigning a smile, Carlos said, "Mr. Xu if you've come all the way just to say that, then I'm afraid you've wasted your time inviting me here!"

In the grip of silent panic, Nora's eyes widened and her breathing skipped for half a second.

Fraught with despair, both of her hands fell aof their own accord and she didn't know what to do.

Darren replied, still with the same terrifying smile on his face, "Mr. Li, all right then, let's get to the point. I need your help to go back to Z Country. I am now the majority shareholder of HT Group. If you can provide me with safe passage, I promise to give you 20% of my shares afterwards."

Carlos scoffed, stifling his urge to laugh at the man's face. He then drank an entire glass of wine with one gulp and said, "Mr. Xu, I think you have clearly overestimated me. I am just an ordinary businessman. There is nothing I can do about that."

Although Nora was not as smart as Dina, even she knew that Darren just wanted to speak with Carlos because his grandfather was an influential man in Z Country. Unfortunately, it seemed as though his devious schemes had come to nothing.

"Mr. Li, you don't have to turn me down in such a hurry. You can go back and think about it carefully," Darren said to Carlos.

Darren looked calm on the surface, but the hand with which he was holding the glass of red wine was shaking uncontrollably. It was almost as if he could no longer hold back his anger.

"No, thanks. That won't be necessary. Darren, you don't even have what it takes to go back to your own country. Why would I go up against the Ke Family and Jacob for you? I don't want to get involved in your dirty business!"

Carlos replied, squinting contemptuously at the man in front of him. His gaze shifted towards Nora for a second and then he looked away instantly.

"Mr. Xu, it's getting late. If there's nothing else, I'd like to get some rest. Thank you for the lovely evening," said Carlos.

With a courteous nod, he picked up his dinner jacket and walked out of the private box without even looking back.

The moment the door was closed, Darren's anger couldn't be kept at bay any longer. In a frenzy, he stood up and kicked the table in front of him.

Darren's sudden outburst fri

ay and smiled at Michelle before walking away.

Once Dina was gone, Michelle stomped her feet on the ground and glared at Ray. With a displeased grunt, she turned around and walked towards the exit of the hospital.

The only response Ray could offer was hollow laughter before he ran after her slowly.

In the evening, Taylor was listening to a person talking on the other end of the phone with her eyebrows furrowed deeply. This was the tenth time she had received a call from a stranger from abroad this month.

"Miss Tang, you'd better think about your answer carefully!" said the man.

"I'm sorry, sir. I can't do as you've requested. Please don't call me again!" Taylor replied. Then, without waiting for a response from the other end of the line, Taylor hung up directly.

Amy's faint voice caught her attention from behind. "Mom, I feel sick!"

Taylor turned around only to see her daughter wearing cartoon pajamas and looking very uncomfortable.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Taylor asked as she quickly walked to her daughter and put her hand on Amy's forehead. Then she added, "It looks like you have a fever. I'll give you some medicine before sleep, and by tomorrow you will be fine."

Amy smiled and obediently nodded her head.

Later that evening, right after Taylor gave Amy some medicines, she sent her straight to bed. After that, she decided to kill some time by catching up on some reading. When she raised her head and looked at the time, Taylor realized that she had spent over two hours on the book.

Rubbing her weary eyes, Taylor went to check up on Amy, only to find that her daughter's face was unusually red.

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