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   Chapter 1179 Michelle Had Her Baby

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Updated: 2020-01-13 00:02

"Your baby bump is growing bigger and I'm still worried about you. Most importantly, I have some savings set aside. I can support you even if I don't work for the rest of my life," Ray said to Michelle.

Michelle pursed her lips and remained silent, with her eyes focused on the entertainment news on the TV.

"Dina's new series will be available for online streaming on the 20th of this month. Everyone knows that she is famous for being an ingénue in the entertainment industry, so..."

Michelle picked up the remote and turned off the TV because she didn't want to hear one more word from it about Dina. She rolled her eyes and sneered, "An ingénue in the entertainment industry? Who came up with that nickname for her? Actually, she looks like a call girl. Does she really think that she can fool people by pretending to be an innocent girl?" Michelle grunted angrily.

"Don't be so angry. Calm down, okay? Do not forget that you are still pregnant!" Ray smiled and comforted Michelle because he knew that she was just expressing anger.

Michelle brushed her hand over Ray's head and said, "You are also in the entertainment circle, so you'll be seeing a lot of her. From now on, if you run into her, you must avoid her. You are not allowed to..."

Before she could finish her words, Michelle suddenly squatted down, covering her belly with both hands as beads of cold sweat started to appear on her forehead.

Without further hesitation, Ray took her to the hospital as quickly as he could.

The doctor raised his eyes to look at Ray and plainly said, "There's nothing wrong with her. She was just suffering from labor pains. Don't worry about it too much. If you're still afraid for her health, you can stay in the hospital for two days just to be safe."

"Really?" Ray asked the doctor.

It was clear that he wasn't completely convinced with what the doctor had said because it sounded too good to be true. As he kept asking questions, the doctor finally lost his patience and said, "Just like I've said, she is fine!"

Before leaving, the doctor slapped the test results into Ray's hand and walked out.

After the doctor left, Michelle looked at Ray and said, "Oh, my God, will you stop bugging him?"

After having Michelle admitted, Ray thought about it for a while and then finally decided to call Rita.

He sincerely hoped that the sisters would take this opportunity to rebuild their relationsh

ing became ragged. Black filled the edges of her vision and the last thing she saw was people rushing towards her.

The next second, she lost consciousness because of the pain.

When Michelle finally woke up, she could barely lift her finger because she was in so much pain. Her eyes looked to the side and the first thing she saw was Rita sitting next to her with red eyes, as if she had been crying.

"Where is Emily?" Michelle asked as she looked around the room.

Rita managed to squeeze out a response. "She is all right. She went to a physical examination with Jacob just now." Rita paused for a while before she continued, "Ray has already gone to the doctor's office to ask about Emily's situation."

Michelle nodded and remained silent.

She finally sat upright, staring at her stomach with wide-eyed confusion.

"Where is my baby?" An indescribable pain flowed through her body and her heart squeezed tight.

The first person she thought about right after was Ray.

Rita chuckled and comforted her, "You are mother to a boy now. The doctors had to give you a cesarean surgery.

But the baby has been put inside the incubator since it was born prematurely."

Waves of happiness and relief washed over Michelle, and she felt it soak right into her bones. She was over the moon with joy to hear the news because she had been expecting the worst. Dizzy with exaltation, she closed her eyes and savored the felicity that fizzled in her heart.

Suddenly, someone pushed the door open and Emily walked in with Jacob's help.

"Thank you for saving me today." Emily smiled with deep sincerity.

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