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   Chapter 1178 The Meeting

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Just after Taylor left, Louis pounded heavily on the steering wheel and the car screeched.

What an unreasonable woman!

After a long while, as Louis found his anger subsiding, he suddenly thought of something more important. Since Dina had returned at this time, it was quite expected that Darren just might muster up the courage to take action soon.

He realized that it was high time for him to meet up with Dina.

At 8 o'clock the next evening, in a hotel suite, Louis was leaning against the sofa with his blue eyes twinkling amidst the darkness.


The door was abruptly pushed open. A hot and sexy woman showed up without any delay.

"Mr. Wang, are you there?"

The woman's voice was coquettish and seductive.

Louis just continued to sit on his sofa in absolute silence.

"Mr. Wang?" The woman called out for him yet again.

Then, she walked out of the room, checked the room number again on the front door and murmured, "This is the right room. What's wrong?"

After entering the private room, the woman skillfully turned on the light switch on the wall and saw Louis sitting on the sofa, staring at her patiently.

Dina was so frightened that she was suddenly taken aback. Fortunately, she held the wall beside her so as to not lose her balance and fall down.

When Dina saw the man on the sofa, her mind went blank. She instantly turned around and was about to leave.

When she touched the doorknob, Louis said calmly, "Miss Li, how have you been doing recently? Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? Perhaps we can chat for a while."

Dina seemed to think of something, and then she took her hand off the doorknob and trotted back.

Why would she be afraid? She hadn't broken the law. Even if she hadn't gotten along well with him in the past, so what? Since the man in front of her was waiting here for the sole purpose of meeting her, she would not be in any danger.

"Miss Li, you are a smart woman."

Staring at Dina, who sat down on the sofa beside him, Louis passed a glass of hard liquor to her.

"I don't drink. What's the matter, Mr. Ke?" Dina did not reach for it, but shot a glance at the hand in front of her.

Louis wasn't annoyed by her words. He smiled and said, "I like to deal and interact with smart people like you, Miss Li."

He took the glass back and gently took a sip for himself. "In fact, I am aware of your recent whereabouts."

Dina felt a shiver run down her spine as sh

o possess from the very beginning were not fancy houses, jewelry, or money. She wanted freedom. She wanted to be far away from the man who was standing in front of her, and it would be best if they would never meet again in their lives.


However, Nora only managed to blurt out "Hum." She knew clearly that if she really opened up her mind to him, this man in front of her would not just kill her, but would give her a fate worse than death.

"Dylan's boss, Mr. Li, will land at the airport at 9:30 this evening. Go to the airport tonight. I hope I can have a talk with him tomorrow."

His warm breath seemed to burn her skin. This man was her nightmare. She hated him more than anyone else.

Dong Cheng's president?

No wonder the man had come to her today to say such insincere words. It turned out that there was something she needed to do, and only she could do it.

But she didn't know what that person's real intentions were and, more importantly, where his allegiance lay.

Back at home, Michelle's belly was getting bigger day by day, while Ray was always around her to fulfill all her whims and fancies. He was afraid that Michelle would be harmed if he wasn't there to protect her.

"You stopped going to work in order to accompany me. I don't feel quite right about it."

Taking a sip of the soup from her bowl, she glanced at Ray, who was wearing a funny apron.

When all of this had started, Ray was quite a famous superstar in the entertainment circle. Who would have expected that a few months later, he would be cooking in the kitchen with a cartoon apron, being a good husband and a good father?

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