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   Chapter 1177 Wrath

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Louis actually knew the fat man as a well-known building developer in the city who had once cooperated with Dina. After he reluctantly drove away, the smile on Dina's face suddenly turned cold.

She took off her glasses and watched the car gradually vanishing out of sight in disgust.

At that moment, Louis instantly understood the reason why Dina had returned.

Without going straight up to Dina, Louis secretly followed her to a cafe instead.

It seemed that Dina had made an appointment with someone else.

"Be careful!"

As soon as Louis pushed open the door of the coffee shop, he saw a woman coming straight at him. In a daze, he subconsciously stretched out his hands to steady himself when she fell into his arms.

After they looked at each with identifying looks, they were stunned for a while.

Embarrassed, Taylor moved out of Louis's arms and smoothed her hair and clothes.

"My son was so naughty that he accidentally bumped into you. I'm sorry. Are you all right?" A woman, who was in her thirties and together with a young boy, apologized.

Taylor shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

Seeing the woman being hesitant, Taylor quickly donned a gentle smile on her face. "I'm really fine, but it's better to keep an eye on the child in public, or it might be too dangerous."

The woman nodded and left with the boy.

"Taylor, I didn't expect that we would meet each other so unexpectedly every time!"

Looking at the bantering expression on Louis's face, Taylor was not angry at all. She took half a step back before she felt a stabbing pain from her ankle that drew a slight gasp from her lips.

Slightly furrowing her brows, Taylor said as if nothing had happened, "Thank you so much, Louis."

Louis had noticed there was something wrong with Taylor. He lowered his head and saw that today, she was wearing a pair of stiletto shoes with 10cm high heels. Right now, her left ankle was a little red and swollen.

Then, he looked at the coffee shop subconsciously. There had been a big noise just now, but he thought he couldn't track Dina any more. He squinted slightly and looked at Tayl

hose father had passed away, how come there weren't any of his photos in their home?

Hearing that, Taylor was stunned. In an instant, she said in an indifferent tone, "Louis, you are too old-fashioned. Even if your female confidants stretch all over the world, they don't include me."

The expression on Louis's face stiffened for a moment, but then he said in a somewhat cold voice, "Taylor, you didn't have to say such harsh words, did you?"

"Louis, I just told the truth. I'm not an inexperienced girl anymore. You don't need to interrogate me. I am telling you the truth that I had nothing to do with you in the past, and I won't have any relationship with you in the future. As for Amy's looks being similar to yours, I think that is just a coincidence. Please don't read into it. I've never seen another man like you wishing so desperately to be a father before. We'd better keep more distance from each other in the future. My legs and feet still hurt, so I won't walk you out. Good day."

After saying that, Taylor opened the door and hinted to Louis, indicating for him to leave. Perhaps because what she had said was too direct, or perhaps because it had struck a nerve, it made him furious, and he left the small apartment in anger.

As soon as Louis had left the room, Taylor leaned against the door and covered her face tightly with her hands, tears flowing through the gaps between her fingers.

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