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   Chapter 1176 There Will Be Time

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In F Country

Dina, who was wearing a tight red skirt, looked at the man seated on the sofa with fear in her eyes.

Darren gently swirled the wine in the glass resting in his hand. The red liquid in the glass was as dark as human blood.

"Mr...Mr. Xu, what can I do for you?" Dina asked in a trembling voice as she nervously looked at Darren.

Darren had always been a handsome man. But at this moment, Dina was terrified of him.

"So? Can't I ask you here to enjoy your company?" Darren looked up at Dina and smiled cruelly.

Upon hearing what Darren had said, Dina's ankles started to tremble. But she still tried her best to feign calm and forced a smile, saying, "Oh, no. Of course not!"

"Come here and sit down!"

Darren pointed his finger at the sofa and hinted for Dina to sit next to him as if he did not see the fear in her eyes.

Although Dina was very scared, she still moved towards the sofa. She felt that her feet seemed to no longer be under her control.

When she reached the sofa, Darren grabbed Dina's wrist and pulled her into his arms. Then, he lowered his head onto her neck and took a deep breath.

"You always smell so nice," Darren murmured.

Dina did not dare move, letting Darren hold her. In fact, a sense of terror filled every cell in her body.

"Are you afraid of me?" Darren asked.

"No, I'm not!" Dina answered almost subconsciously.

Darren just smiled and didn't say anything more. Playing with her chestnut-colored locks of hair, he seemed to speak casually. "How's your work been recently?"

"Everything is back to normal." Dina paused and continued, "But Mr. Xu, I think you have sent too many men to guard me, which causes me a little trouble. Sometimes, it's not convenient for me to do my private things with so many people around. Besides, you have more issues to take care of here. So, I think you may need more men to help you. Please let them come back to help you."

As she spoke, Dina was cautiously observing Darren's reaction. She was afraid that Darren would be displeased and would then suddenly do something to hurt her.

Upon hearing Dina's words, Darren put his hand behind her neck and gently said, "Dina, I'm only doing this because I am worried about your safety. Everyone in the business circle knows that you are my ex-girlfriend, and you've he

and unstable."

Emily knew that Taylor was just worried about her, so she didn't ask anything more but smiled. "Okay, Taylor. I will take better care of my emotions in the future."

Taylor opened her lips, trying to say something. But she swallowed back those words and replaced them with a deep sigh.

Meanwhile, Emily kept thinking about the figure she had seen just now. She doubted that it had been Dina, but she was not sure.

'Dina is still quite popular here. How could it be possible that there is no news about her having returned if she really has gotten back from F Country?

After Darren got the shares of HT Group, he hasn't taken any action. So, I think it won't be a coincidence if Dina appears here, ' Emily thought.

But beyond her expectation, Louis had seen Dina even earlier than Emily.

At noon, when passing by a shopping mall and waiting for a traffic light to change, Louis casually looked out of the window and saw something that surprised him.

He saw a sexy and enchanting woman holding the arm of a fat, middle-aged man. Even though the woman wore a pair of sunglasses that covered more than half of her face, for a moment, Louis still managed to recognize her as Dina.

When he followed them back to the parking lot, he saw that the man gently slapped Dina on her bum, which made her giggle.

"Honey, remember to keep me in your heart. Next time, I won't let you go without having sex with me first. I love you so much!" the man said to Dina.

"Well, don't worry. There will be time soon," Dina replied.

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