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   Chapter 1175 Determination

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7592

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Taylor rushed there as quickly as she could and arrived in just about half an hour. Emily had already fallen asleep in Jacob's arms by the time she arrived.

Taylor saw Jacob gently stroking Emily's back in the bedroom when she arrived. Despite being sound asleep, Emily still appeared to be restless. She was murmuring something constantly and furrowing her brow. Taylor could tell from the beads of glittering sweat on Emily's forehead that she was not having a good dream.

Noticing that Taylor was standing at the door, Jacob said petulantly," Why are you still standing there? Come over and try to make her sleep better!"

She had been emotionally disturbed owing to the recent events and couldn't sleep peacefully for a long time. Jacob's heart shattered every time he noticed that Emily was having a tough time going to sleep.

He would definitely not have let Emily suffer like this if there was any remedy to this catastrophe.

Hearing what Jacob had said, Taylor immediately rushed towards them and pressed some acupuncture points on her head. She then took out a colored bottle containing a peculiar-looking fluid from her purse and placed it below Emily's nostrils.

As expected, it was a very effective sedative. Emily became quiet in just over half a minute and gradually loosened her frowning eyes.

Jacob could finally put his mind at rest and gently put Emily back on bed. He then went to the bathroom to heat the towel and carefully wiped off the droplets of sweat from her face.

The faint smell of the monthly flower by the window invaded their noses and the room became quiet, yet again. The moon light made its way to Emily's exhausted face, making her look very gentle and soft.

The moon looked very beautiful as it shined across the black night sky. But Taylor felt very sorry and shocked inwardly.

It had never occurred to her that Emily's illness would have deteriorated faster than she had anticipated.

"Come with me." said Jacob, passing her without even rendering her a glance.

The aloofness and dissatisfaction in his voice made Taylor tremble inadvertently. A guilty conscience quickly occupied her mind. But she knew how to contain her emotions as a psychologist.

Therefore, she quickly pulled herself together and

de in his eyes. He then directly climbed back upstairs.

He was tired and fidgeting. He was afraid that Emily wouldn't sleep well without his company.

However, Taylor was now feeling confused and uneasy. Emily's face and kindness to her kept flashing through her mind. Everything was so sincere as if it had happened just yesterday.

But now... She had betrayed Emily's sincerity and kindness relentlessly. She was betraying her professional ethics, personal morals and much more.

Her eyes were fixed on the bottle held tightly in Jacob's hands and she wished Emily would never need to sniff that medicine.

She had made that thing on purpose. It did help soothe Emily's pain temporarily, but once it was paired with the smell of those monthly flowers...

She lowered her head and blew her nose. As the feeling of remorse grew inside her, she thought of what her enemies had on her. She had no choice but to continue betraying Jacob and Emily.

Having met and treated so many people from various walks of life, she now understood that there was no one but herself that she could truly rely on.

Friends could never be trusted. Everything that made her feel warm could one day be the knife that could stab her in the heart! She could only rely on herself... Only herself.

The feelings of remorse slowly disappeared from her face. She slowly became determined like an evil vulture to continue with her plans. She clenched her fist by the sides of her body and barged out of the room ferociously.

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