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   Chapter 1173 Baron Is Back

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Darren slowly descended back to his office chair and answered the phone.

"What's the matter?"

Hearing Darren's casual tone, Jacob became even more furious.

"What's the matter with you? You hold possession of what I have given you. What about Baron, Darren? You have to keep your word!"

Jacob was really afraid that Darren wanted nothing but to make his and Emily's lives a living hell. If that suspicion of his was indeed true, he really didn't know what to do to counter it.

On the other side of the phone, Darren might have guessed what Jacob was thinking!

"Don't worry, Jacob. I have your child in mind. Don't forget that I'm a businessman. I want HT Group. I never do any business deal where I incur a loss. Of course, I will fulfill my promise as long as I'm in a good mood!"

Just as he was speaking, Darren gave Dina a look that was meant to convey something. Then, Dina went out and closed the door, and began to do what he had ordered her to do.

"You'd better do what you said, or I will turn HT Group into an empty shell within the limited time before the contract comes into effect. At that time, you will only be getting the name of the HT Group!" Jacob tried to threaten Darren.

Darren sneered, "Will you really be able to do that? How many days and nights did you spend in building HT Group? I really want to thank HT Group. If it weren't for the company, Emily wouldn't have gotten so depressed. Aren't I right?"

"Darren, you are right. You can do whatever you want. Emily and I have three children. After you take away HT Group, I will definitely lose my ability to compete with you. My children are all that I've got. But don't forget that Emily has another name, Yvonne Ke. Even I, as a son-in-law, am unaware of how much power Hunk has. Do you think someone as experienced as Hunk wouldn't be very influential in the business world? Moreover, let's not forget Louis. Have you forgotten that all your criminal bases were wrecked by him?"

Jacob said solemnly, clenching his fist. "What about Sean? It is a fact that Sean cooperated

licably exhausted. But most of all, they were all relieved that Baron had returned safely at last.

Emily's eyes started to fill up with tears again while she was being held in Jacob's arms.

"Jacob, what about HT Group? It was because of me that you had to give it away! It was the result of your hard work, sweat, and dedication. I'm so sorry."

Emily looked at David with guilt and said, "It's essentially my fault. You spent so much time and effort building the company. I was careless, I..."

David laughed and shook his head. He didn't really care. "You are Rita's family. Obviously, you are my family too. Money is not a problem. We still have plenty left to raise our children. Money is like a wheel. It comes and goes."

Jacob put his arms around Emily in an attempt to ease her pain. "Yes. Fortunately, we just gave him the contract the day before yesterday. We haven't lost everything yet. We still have Love left between us. Love is the ultimate force."

Emily was embarrassed by what the two men had just said.

What David said next made everyone laugh uncontrollably.

"In this case, as a relative, I can't stand it if you have a hard time. Rita, let's give Beryl the engagement money in advance! Beryl will be our family!"

"Don't you dare!"

Jacob replied jokingly, which made Emily laugh. Rita said to David with amusement, "Don't talk nonsense!"

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