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   Chapter 1170 Make A Deal

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"I'll be there in no time. Just stay there and wait for me. Don't worry. I'm on my way!"

Jacob rushed out of the room as quickly as he could.

"Hurry, get the car. We've got to go to the mall."

"Yes, sir!"

When Sam noticed the desperation on Jacob's face, he immediately ran downstairs to get the car.

When they finally got there, Emily had come to herself, but she was still wandering inside the mall, like she was looking for someone.

"Sir, there she is," said Sam, pointing at Emily.

Jacob followed the direction Sam's finger was pointing at and saw a familiar figure.

Emily seemed to be drenched in her own sweat. She kept stopping everyone that passed by her as if she was looking for someone in the crowd. But every time, her hopeful eyes would dim down as if taken by disappointment. It broke Jacob's heart to see Emily in such a pitiful state.


Jacob ran to her quickly and pulled her into his arms, patting her back gently, trying to calm her down. The moment Emily saw Jacob, she found a sense of security, as if someone had lifted her burdens for her.

"I'm... sorry, Jacob. It's all my fault that I wasn't able to take good care of our beloved baby. I'm truly sorry. If only I had listened to you, this horrific incident would never have happened."

Emily's timid apology and her murmuring broke Jacob's heart even more.

"No. It's my fault. I'm the one who fails to protect you and our family. I am the one who should say sorry, my love."

Jacob then took Emily to the surveillance room which he had his people fix up before they could check the footage.

Unfortunately, the cameras had only filmed as far as the bottom of the stairs.

Without word or warning, Emily rushed out scrambling like a crazy person.

She rocketed up the stairs, only to find nothing but an empty stroller.

Emily knelt down on the ground, breathing heavily with one hand on the stroller and the other holding her head in pain.

This scene almost killed Jacob, and he felt as though his heart was being ripped out of his chest. This felt like a deadly strike for Emily, whose already wounded mind couldn't come to


With just one look at Jacob, Rita could tell that he hadn't been able to catch any sleep. "Go ahead, don't worry. I'm here for all of you," Rita assured him.

Meanwhile, Sam had prepared all the necessary paperwork and contracts.

Jacob was sitting in his office, kneading at his temples to keep a clear mind.

The company?

The thought of losing the company hurt Jacob more than he had thought it would. He still remembered how he and his colleagues had worked day and night to bring the company to the top.

At first, all they could think about was how to save the company from dying, but now, not only had they managed to save the company from bankruptcy, but they had also managed to turn it into one of the most thriving establishments in the country.

And now, Darren was going to take everything away from under his nose.

He simply hated the thought of it.

Unfortunately, his hands were tied in regard to this matter.

He had sacrificed his precious time with his family for the sake of the company, even when Emily was in a coma, or when she was giving birth to Baron.

While he was busy with his company, Emily's health had gotten worse, which made Jacob regret it so much. What made him regret it even more was that he had once pretended to have amnesia when Emily needed him badly. He had hurt her over and over again.

He regretted it so much! He hated it so much! Even his eyes could kill!

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