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   Chapter 1169 Baron Was Missing

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In the evening, when they were having dinner, Emily felt that someone had fixated his eyes passionately on her for a long time. She promptly turned her head back and found that Jacob was staring at her. Seeing the desire in his eyes, her face reddened and the chopsticks in her hand almost fell off the table.

"Jacob, you... Come on. Just enjoy your meal!"

Emily whispered as she lowered her head. But Jacob wasn't really listening to her.

"Mom, are you feeling warm? Your ears are red. Is everything okay? Do you want me to blow on your face?" Beryl asked.

Emily scolded in a soft voice, "Don't you have anything better to do after finishing your homework? Just eat your food and keep your mouth shut!"

At that moment, Jacob looked at her with a sly smile on his face, which made Emily even more embarrassed.

Just as Emily had expected, after cleaning herself up, she felt that Jacob was slowly moving towards her.

"Emily, I've checked with the doctor and he informed me that we could have sex now."

Jacob's charming and gentle voice echoed in her ears, which made her shiver in excitement and anticipation.

"Baron is here," Emily replied as she glanced affectionately at the baby in the cradle.

"It's okay. He is just a little baby,"

Jacob insisted hoarsely with overwhelming lust in his dark eyes. He stared at Emily's face passionately and felt that she looked particularly beautiful today.

Her pretty and rosy face looked even more radiant under the warm light. Jacob struggled to keep himself under control. He gently held her face in his hands and kissed her repeatedly in quick succession.

As they kissed each other, their desire for sex grew. When they were about to go further, the familiar cries of the baby interrupted them.

Baron's cries grew louder by the minute as the couple wished he'd give them a moment of their own.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh..."

Baron's crying sounded so sharp at this moment. Emily hastily pushed Jacob away and carried Baron in her arms. Lovingly rubbing his back, she whispered gently into his ears, "My little baby, don't be afraid. Mom is here!"

With a discontent look on his face, Jacob sat beside them, glaring disappointedly at the little baby in Emily's arms.

"You brat! From tomorrow on, you'll sleep alone!"

Jacob yelled furiously. He was afraid that if they didn't adopt a significant change in their lives, sooner or later he would develop sexual dysfunction.

At that moment, Emily wanted to tease him, but she didn't dare to. So, she said, "Don't blame him. Baron is just a little baby. Don't be naughty! Have some patience."

In the end, Jacob had no choice but to spend the night alone while he watched Emily caress the infant in her arms.

The next day, when E

ng a green baby stroller?" Emily asked some random people in the mall.




Everyone gave her the same disappointing answer, which made Emily feel really frustrated and hopeless.

She ran back to the place where she had left the baby stroller, expecting to see her baby and the babysitter. She hoped that they had left the place just because they had been temporarily attracted by something else.

But in the end, they still didn't show up. Her mind remained blank and clueless.

"Baron, where are you?"

Emily cried out with tears rolling down her cheeks. Being extremely flustered, she knelt down on the floor and helplessly took out her cell phone.

In the helpless situation that she was in, the only person she could think of was Jacob.

At the same time, Jacob was having a meeting in the conference room. He felt very surprised when he noticed Emily's name pop up on his phone screen, because she usually never called him during his working hours.

Suddenly, he took it as a bad omen. He too realized that something must have gone terribly wrong for him to receive this call. Without any further delay, Jacob quickly picked up the phone. But before he could say anything, he heard Emily's heart-wrenching cry from the other end of the phone.

All of a sudden, he stood up, with beads of sweat dripping from his hand.

Seeing that, all the people in the conference room remained absolutely quiet.

"Emily, calm down. Say it slowly. Where are you now? I'll be right there! Tell me, what happened?" Jacob asked with concern.

"Jacob, Baron is missing. Our son is missing. I... I just went to the washroom for a while, leaving Baron with Sally. But when I got back, I couldn't find the babysitter or Baron anymore. What should I do, Jacob?"

Emily told Jacob as tears welled up in her eyes.

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