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   Chapter 1168 Coming To Light

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At the HT Group

"Mr. President, have you seen the entertainment news today? It has already provoked much discussion online."

Sam's look was nervous, which made Jacob frown. He then said, "What's the news?"

Jacob took the newspaper from him and soon realized there was something wrong when he read the striking headlines.

"Dina putting on airs? Breaking an appointment?"

Jacob tapped on the table with his fingers and then fell into deep contemplation with his dark eyes firmly closed.

"Dina definitely wouldn't have done something like this. She has worked so hard to be who she is now. It will crush her acting career completely if she does this!"

Sam's analysis was to the point. Dina wouldn't be this stupid.

What had happened to her to make her give up what mattered the most to her?

"Go and check on Dina's whereabouts and then tell me."

Jacob felt there was something wrong with her and wanted her status verified.

Dina had always remained close with Darren. Did this have something to do with him? Maybe they could discover something about Darren's whereabouts from this investigation.

"Yes, Mr. President. I'll go and check right now."

Sam rushed to launch an investigation upon receiving Jacob's order.

In only a few hours, Sam knocked at the door just before Jacob had dealt with all the paperwork for the day.

"Come in."

Jacob squinted his eyes and said in a fatigued voice, "Tell me. What did you find out? Is there something going on?"

Sam's look hardened and he said, "There has been no information about her since she went to F Country on the day when we left from here."

"Then Darren must have something to do with her disappearance. I'd never have expected that he could still live such a smooth life in F Country!"

Though pretending to be relaxed,

Suddenly, Jacob held two documents out to her. Without thinking, Emily took them and couldn't help but begin to tremble as she saw the titles on them.

The documents were of the merger between SL Group and Love.

Her eyelashes were quivering, and soon, there were tears rolling down from her eyes.

"Jacob, why didn't you tell me about this important thing before?"

Pretending to be angry, Emily stood up and banged her small fist into his chest.

"The SL Group and Love."

Emily was very excited. She then leaned closer to Jacob and buried her head into his embrace as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Jacob, you are the one who made Love."

Jacob gently patted her back with great affection in his eyes. "This is what I'd promised you, and I've done it. Emily, you are always the most important to me, whatever happens. Let's work together, shall we?"

Emily slowly raised her head, tiptoed, and then kissed Jacob on the forehead.

"Jacob, I'll always believe you. Our family will always be your greatest support forever!"

Hearing the woman he loved with all his heart make him such a huge promise, Jacob couldn't resist his urge and slammed his lips onto hers with unbridled passion!

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