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   Chapter 1166 The Devil

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"Nora, am I right? I am sorry to break it to you, but you are not going to have a chance to get back with my brother!"

Darren's expression carried a solemn seriousness. His words were fashioned into a knife that stabbed her right in the heart.

"So what? Do you actually think that you are better than me? At least David is still willing to talk to me. He still feels something for me even if it's hate. We still have some amazing memories from when we were young. What do you have?

You're just a pathetic, lonely man Rita wouldn't even look at!


Suddenly, Darren grabbed Nora by the ankle.

"You... You bastard!"

Just as Nora blurted out in anger, she immediately realized that she was in the presence of a man who was no lesser than the devil.

With the smile of a maniac on his face, Darren leaned over. He was close enough for her to feel the warmth of his breath on her cheeks.

"I am not only a bastard but also a fool for marrying a whore like you!"

Rage filled Darren's eyes. Dina quickly stepped back, trembling in fear, as her legs were barely able to hold her body straight. The fear on her face was undeniable.

The scene unfolding right before her eyes felt so familiar. It took her back to the horrible day when Darren had physically abused her without mercy.

Soon, Dina found it difficult to breathe. She felt as though she was the one in Darren's hands. Dizzied, her vision started to blur as though she was going to pass out the next second.

Nora slowly closed her eyes in acceptance. She didn't know how long Darren had been holding her body up in the air, but she didn't want to be afraid anymore.

Without a word or warning, Darren let go of her leg and Nora fell on the floor, lifeless like a dead body. She lay on the ground motionlessly in a pool of her own blood.

Darren was happy to see Dina trembling like a frightened rabbit. "Keep up the good work for me. You should know by now that I have high expectations for you. This time, I don't want to hurt you, but I don't know if you will make it out alive next time!"

Darren grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eye. Black filled the edges of Dina's vision. The only thing she could hear was her own heartbeat. When Darren saw the tears welling up in her eyes, he drew his hand back and looked away in utter disgust.

"Damn! Why do you look so sad? I am still alive, aren't I?"

Then, without saying anything else, he

d hope into his heart.


Michelle had no choice but to spend the night in the hospital because of Ray's persistent nagging.

When she was awake the next morning, she felt like her hand had fallen asleep.

She raised her head and saw Ray's sleepy face again.

"Didn't I tell you to leave last night?"

Michelle yelled at him, but she grabbed a jacket and slowly put it over his body.

When the nurse came in for a check-up, Michelle gestured at her with her finger to be quiet.

"Your husband is so nice. He stayed up the whole night because he was worried that you would catch a fever. He was right to be worried, because a fever will be bad for both you and the baby."

Michelle's heart melted, but she still looked calm and expressionless.

Ray had slept through the whole afternoon and finally he was awake.

Michelle feigned an annoyed expression and said, "You are so annoying. I don't even know why you are here. Are you here to sleep on my shoulder?"

Ray was a bit embarrassed by her response. He smiled and said, "Okay, I am sorry. What do you want to eat? I will go get it for you."


"Oh, wait! The doctor told us to not eat outside! Let's leave the hospital and go home. I will cook a meal for you!"

Michelle wanted to tell him that she had already eaten her lunch. However, when she saw how much Ray cared for her, she decided not to tell him anything.

"I can walk on my own! Put me down!"

"Nope! It's too cold outside. What if you catch a cold? We sleep on the same bed. What if you make me sick?"

The arrogant smile on Ray's face only annoyed Michelle even more.

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