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   Chapter 1165 Nora's Value

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Taylor's smile instantly brought a beaming smile on Emily's face. They were not in the doctor's office. Perhaps, it was owing to that reason that Taylor didn't look so serious.

Emily nodded her head. She raised her head abruptly as though a sudden thought crossed her head. Her eyes met Taylor's. "Oh, Taylor, I almost forgot to tell you. For some reason, the rose you recommended me renders me a weird pressure. I feel like I have a hard time breathing when I look at it. I don't know why."

Taylor's hands suddenly clenched. She was a professional psychologist hired by Jacob. Her every hour was worth a fortune. However, right now at this moment, she seemed to have a hard time keeping her emotions at bay.

Instantly, she adjusted herself and replied, "This is a treatment in progress. You have to be patient. You can't expect instant results."

"Okay, I believe you!"

"That being said, if you're allergic to it, you need to let me know ahead in time."

Upon hearing that, Emily shook her head.

"You know me. I would prefer to shift the blame than to admit it's indeed my own problem."

Taylor gave her an understanding smile. "I know. Don't worry. Time is the master healer. It will heal all your wounds and fix all your problems. Patience is the only thing you need,"

Taylor said. However, even she doubted her own words. Trust and patience were the two virtues she struggled to develop recently.

She always had to find a way to comfort her patients. She was at the helm of her profession in this country. However, if time really could heal all wounds, she would not have been suffering for so many years.

Taylor touched her forehead as a gesture of affection and kindness.

Emily wasn't really suspicious despite her strange behavior. Taylor had put her worried heart back into her chest.

As time passed by, Emily began enjoying Taylor's company. Her face regained some blood flow and it was no longer pale.

"Taylor, how long have you been living in this city? I haven't seen you in the past. Considering your level of expertise and talent in your field of study, I think it's strange that I've not even seen you on the TV or magazines."

"I spent several years abroad. I often traveled to the university to give a lecture. If you search for me online, you should be able to find some of my lectures. Your dear husband found me in s

o your job as well as Dina. Why do I need you? You tell me!"

Darren sneered in a very unpleasant manner. It deeply hurt Nora's feelings.

"Please give me another chance! I will try my level best to not disappoint you ever again!"

"Why should I do that? What do you have to bargain with me? What difference will it make if I give you another chance?"

Darren suddenly stood up in front of Nora. Nora raised her head. Her messy hair had covered her cheeks. She was afraid of him and didn't dare to look at him in the eyes.

"Do you know the consequences of betraying me? Do you think I let go of traitors easily? I am telling you now. It's going to cost you your own life. I don't care whether you are willing to work for me or not. That's your choice. You just need to know one thing. My brother is not going to take a whore like you back in his life. Don't even think about running back to the country!

You may want to get back with him. But don't you realize how dirty you are? Nora, I am telling you now. David never liked you. Do you understand?"

Nora's eyes reddened. It seemed that she was still struggling and had some hopes of getting back with David. Darren's words put Nora into the mists of the past. Everything on her mind was about David and how well he had treated her. She had just been humiliated to the core and rendered hopeless.

Although she was married, David had been willing to help her at any moment of need like a faithful friend.

Darren noticed the tears rolling down along her cheeks. Those tears only made Darren even more furious.

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