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   Chapter 1163 Amy

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"The little girl ran over to Dylan and kissed him. As a result... Beryl got upset with Dylan," David explained the situation in a light tone. However, he kept carefully examining everyone's expression as he spoke. Emily was giggling and shaking her head.

Rita looked undoubtedly angry. Louis was giggling with Emily in the back, while Jacob and Hunk were incredibly upset.

"I swear! My son told me that he didn't even know who that little girl was!"

"Huh?" Hunk and Jacob both gave him a look of disbelief.

Having received a few unfriendly glares, David immediately corrected himself. "Actually, I don't know if he knows that girl or not. I think you should just ask him about it!"

"How has this boy learned to fool around at such a young age? He definitely got it from his father. I have nothing to do with it!" Rita slowly walked away from this trouble.

While everyone was talking downstairs, Beryl and Dylan finally came down and joined them. Although Beryl still looked displeased, she seemed to be feeling better than before. Emily heaved a deep sigh, thinking that there was always a problem that needed solving.

Beryl wasn't the type to get mad very easily. However, on the rare occasion that she did get angry, it was practically impossible to cheer her up. The only way to reverse that was to give her whatever she wanted. Judging from the looks of it, Dylan was quite an expert at dealing with her, even though he was still young.

"Are you happy now, my little princess?" David picked Beryl up in his arms and said, "Today is your birthday. You should be happy!" Although Dylan was the one who had upset Beryl, as his father, David had to help cheer Beryl up.

Before long, Beryl's mood lifted and everyone started to enjoy the moment. Suddenly, when the doorbell rang, everyone's eyes went towards the door. Emily ran to open the door. "You're finally here! Come in!"

At first, Michelle hadn't wanted to come to the party—but it wasn't because she felt awkward. It was because she was afraid that no one would want to see her there. However, she couldn't turn down Ray as he kept insisting on wanting to introduce her to everyone as his girlfriend.

Whatever had happened between Michelle and Jacob was no secret. Everyone knew how much Emily and Michelle despised each other, and that was why her presence made everyone feel uneasy.

"Uh-uh..." The baby in Hunk's arms got excited when he saw Michelle. He reached out his chubby little hands towards her. However, much to Michelle's surprise, things didn't seem as awkward as she had expected. Finally, Michelle felt as though she could smile freely. Besides, Emily seemed to be okay with it.

When Michelle reached out to hold the baby, her smile grew wider. "Hi honey, do you remember me?"

"Michelle, a couple of days ago, when I was shopping with Rita, I bought a set of jewelry from our new company for you. Let me get it for you!" Emily just remembered about the gift she had for Michelle. She patted Michelle on the arm and sauntere

re time with her."

"It's amazing how much you have achieved at such a young age!" Louis suddenly complimented her. As he remembered it correctly, she was not only a single mother of a six year old child, but also an associate chief physician of the Psychiatry Department.

"I am only two years younger than you. I am not so young anymore."

The moment she mentioned Louis's age, Taylor realized that she had spilled more than she had intended. She regretted it so much that she wanted to bite her tongue off.

Louis smiled, pretending as though he hadn't caught the loophole in her words. "Are you trying to say that I am old?"

Taylor had already come up with an excuse as to how she knew about his age, but Louis's question took her by surprise and she froze, not knowing how to respond to his joke.

"Have you thought about finding another man?" Louis tried to glance at her through the rear view mirror. "In that way, you can at least give Amy a complete home."

As a psychologist, Taylor knew that a lie was going to need thousands of other lies to cover it up, so she decided to get out of the car as soon as possible.. "You can just drop us here at the front intersection."

Louis had no intention of pushing her too far, so he just smiled at her.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Emily's house was thinking about Amy and Louis. In fact, they all stayed back just to wait for him so they could get an answer from him.

"Father, does Louis know that he has a daughter?"

Hunk shook his head. "I don't think so. Why do you all think that the little girl is your brother's daughter? There are many foreigners in the city. Your brother is not the only one."

"I know, but Father, don't you find the resemblance between them a bit strange?" Emily said seriously. How a person carried herself was decided by her gene. It was hard for Emily to explain it to men. Only the mother could tell.

Jacob took a look at his son. He frowned. It seemed that there was a lot more they didn't know about Louis.

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