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   Chapter 1162 Bringing About An Upswing

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The directors of the company proposed to hold a bean-feast for them, but Jacob politely declined and instead decided to say something simple to everyone present in the conference room.

"To the success of Love and Dream!"

Everyone stood up and gave him a rapturous round of applause. The ladies were moved to tears when the scene was over. Those who weren't there in the meeting could never feel the same way as they did.

In spite of dedicating years to working in this place, they hadn't been able to realize their dreams until Jacob had come back with the idea of Love and Dream.

Everyone in the room could feel the strength in Love and Dream.

Perhaps the dreams had always been there and they were just lost on their way to realize them.

Needless to say, most of the credit had to be attributed to Jacob.

When it came to making the right decision for investing, there was no one better than Jacob. He had helped the company make a huge profit just by a sketch drawn by his wife Emily when she was a teenager.

"Jacob said he would increase the amount to 100000 dollars for the directors and 30000 dollars for all the employees!"

Cheers, bravos, and applause rang out as everyone in the room burst into an uproar, hoping that Jacob would come up with a new product soon.

Louis dragged in two big sacks of cash and said, "Jacob will be going back to his former office sooner or later. He won't always be there to make you rich, so stop daydreaming. Just come here and get your money now."

Louis wasn't too keen on the idea of giving money away like that. He was astounded at Jacob's ability to make people do whatever he wanted.

This generous gesture hadn't been Louis's idea to begin with. The one who had promised productivity bonuses to the employees was Jacob. However, it was Jacob who had gone to Louis and asked him to lend him the money, saying that he had given all his money to Emily.

Louis didn't know how Jacob had managed to persuade him, but here he was holding two empty sacks in his hands. The mere thought of it g

ta looked at Dylan and said, "What happened?"

David sighed, pointed at his son, and said, "Ask him yourself."

"Did you bully Beryl again?"

Dylan shook his head and looked at Beryl. "Can we talk?"


Beryl jumped from Jacob's lap and dragged Dylan upstairs. "Let's go upstairs and talk this out!"

Dylan gave everyone a reassuring look as he got dragged upstairs by Beryl.

Jacob looked at David with some seriousness after the two had gone upstairs. "Tell me what happened!" Jacob finally realized how Hunk had felt about him when he was with Michelle. He wanted to ask the boy what had happened in person, but Dylan was just a child. As such, he turned to David for an explanation.

David broke into a cold sweat and raised his hands to stroke his forehead. "I don't know how to talk about this. It's really hard to explain."

Everyone looked at him with intense curiosity. Even Hunk was waiting for his answer with a slice of watermelon in his hand.

David didn't dare to look Jacob in the eye, as if he had done something wrong. He was worried about what Jacob would do to his son once he found out the truth. "When I went to pick them up from school just now, there was a little foreigner girl outside the school.". . . . .

Everyone's eyes widened simultaneously. "And then?"

Jacob squinted his eyes at David and said, "Just say it!"

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