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   Chapter 1161 Emily's Sickness

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"If you have time, please come over and visit me! I am so bored at home! I feel like I am going to die of boredom!" Emily whined over the phone.

"Okay. After I pick up the kids tomorrow, I will head to your house!" Rita was putting on a facial cream while she was on a video chat with Emily. She kept looking back and forth between the mirror and the phone. "It seems that we both don't have much to do. Because your husband wants to fulfill your dream as soon as possible, my husband has to work late and help him."

Emily smiled slyly. She rested her jaw on both of her hands. Her eyes twinkled irresistibly whenever people mentioned her husband. "I guess I need to appreciate Williams then."

Emily successfully made Rita laugh. Rita's joyful smile curved up to narrow her eyes in happiness. "Don't be. Let him be. I've already talked to my son. He's agreed to marry into your family when he is old enough."

"Ha-ha. With a father-in-law like my husband, you son is going to have the life everyone dreams of!" Emily teased, holding her phone in her hands. Rita rolled her eyes at her and didn't respond. Suddenly, Emily's tone of speaking became resolute. She had a serious look now. "Rita, I've been having nightmares again lately. Every time I wake up, I am covered in cold sweat."

"Again?" Upon hearing that, Rita put down her cream and picked up the phone. After she looked closer at Emily's face on the screen, she continued, "You certainly don't look good. Have you talked to Jacob about it?"

"He is too busy. He goes to bed right away when he comes home every day. Work has been exhausting him lately."

Rita frowned. She sat cross-legged on her bed as she scolded, "You can't hide it from him! You have to tell him about it. If he was there for you more often, you might feel better!"

Emily shook her head. Hugging the pillow, she sighed. "You are not here to see how tired he is every night when he comes home. I don't want to put more pressure on him. With time, I'm sure that this problem will clear up, and I'd rather wait for a while. It might not be as bad as I think."

"That might be true. I will go to the hospital with you to get a check up on it soon."

They chatted on the phone for a while longer. Emily didn't know when she fell asleep. However, as she had come to expect, she had another nightmare that night. This nightmare was not so different from the other ones. She felt like she was suffocating again. The fear that was unsettling her had started to increase inside her. However, she seemed to have become familiar with it now. Her body seemed to sink into a deep sea.

But it didn't stop. She kept plummeting into the icy depths. She tried to struggle and stop her descent, but it didn't work. There was nothing around her for her to grab a hold of. There was only cold water surrounding her.

Every time that she dreamed, she was in a different place; however, the dreams all left her w

ing online was not possible.

Jacob had been sitting in front of the screen and watching the sales data come in, while the people in the marketing and sales departments also monitored the launch. Everyone in this project had been on tenterhooks about the result.

The sales were rising steadily. Pretty much everyone who walked into the store bought their product. This product was one of the bestselling products in the history of the HT Group.

In less than two hours, all the stock had been sold out. There were no more products left for market sales. Customers had even spent a fortune to pre-order the next product. They wanted to buy whatever product Jacob and Emily produced.

After Louis took a look at the sales data and the video research, he smiled. He hadn't expected the sales would go so well. And people had supported Jacob to a massive extent.

Everyone held their breath in the office. However, their excitement was tangible in this quiet room.

They had done their research and knew their products would be hugely popular. However, when the moment came, they just couldn't be more excited.

When the number on the screen stopped changing, the sales manager announced the total of the final sales. "The total sales for the Love and Dream is..." He purposely paused for a second. Everyone stared at the sales manager and anxiously waited for the result. He held up the last notes. Finally, he yelled it out loud, "One hundred and seventy million dollars!" Upon hearing this exceptionally high result, a great cheer went up from the crowd. Even Jacob was excited by the staggering number. He was as excited as he had been when he had earned his first paycheck.

All the sales managers walked to Jacob. They were too excited to utter a single word and ended up gibbering in euphoria. They just stared at one another in great happiness. Then, they all flung their arms around one another and formed a massive group hug around Jacob.

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