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   Chapter 1160 Reconciliation

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They both lived in the real world and were always entangled in love. Life was short and death was certain. As such, instead of wasting her precious time, Michelle needed to be more direct with Ray.

Since she really couldn't stand the thought of losing him, Michelle decided to give him a chance. Perhaps he was just the one for her.

"Who in their right mind would agree to marry you? You didn't even have a ring when you proposed."

Ray's eyebrows shot up in bewilderment, and there was a twist in his mouth that nearly resembled an astonished droop. "Wait a minute! What?"

Michelle stood up and walked to the door, deliberately avoiding eye contact with him. Before leaving, she paused at the door and then said, "The next time you decide to propose, be sure to come prepared with a ring and roses."

Ray's heart sang with a whoop of undisguised glee and he said, "Don't forget what you've said, Michelle!"

Waves of happiness and relief washed over Ray, and he felt it soak right into his bones. Dizzy with exaltation, he closed his eyes and savored the felicity that fizzled in his heart.

Michelle stood secretly by the door, looking at him through the gap with a smile on her on her face that couldn't be hidden at will.

The next morning, at the Gu Family residence.

The cameras spotted Michelle and her image was quickly sent to the security room.

"Sir, Miss Michelle is here."

Emily was having breakfast and her hand shook the moment she heard Michelle's name, spilling the milk from her cup. She then looked up to see Jacob's reaction.

"Let her in," said Jacob with a gentle smile on his face as if an old friend had come to visit him.

Emily frowned and said, "What's she doing here?" Besides, Michelle had already taken the company from them. What else did she want?

Jacob laughed and said, "Ray got injured while filming at the factory."

What did Ray being injured have anything to do with her coming here unannounced?

"Jacob, come out where I can see you!" Michelle pushed Stuart away when she got in and rushed to the drawing room. "Come out. I have something to ask you."

"He's here. What do you want from him?" Emily shouted.

Everyone knew about the monumental grudges these two woman held against each other. They were always diametrically opposed to each othe

tched the child in Emily's arms.

"Do you want to hold him?"

Michelle shook her head immediately and said, "No." Despite Michelle's reluctance, Emily still held out her hands towards her. . . . . .

Emily chuckled and handed Michelle the baby. "Be careful, you clumsy-handed creature."

Knowing how to hold a baby seemed like a second nature to most women. Michelle carefully cradled the baby in her arms and said, "Smile!"

The child opened his blue eyes and blinked at her with his innocent little face.

"How do you feed him?. . . . . He's so beautiful." Michelle's eyes fell back on the child again. She was thinking what kind of relations he had with Louis.

"Beryl's birthday is coming up in a few days. Rita will bring her child here then." Emily sincerely said, "We are also going to celebrate the baby's first month on that day. Would you like to come?"

"Yes," said Michelle without even thinking as she was busy playing with the baby.

But she regretted it almost as soon as she said yes. She wanted to at least pretend to be a little reserved in front of them, so she added, "I'll think about it."

Emily tittered. "Jacob hasn't seen Ray in a long time. Please ask him to come as well. Beryl keeps asking me about him."

Jacob nodded in agreement.

Michelle hesitated for a moment and then said, "I'll text and let you know if I can come on that day!"

When Rita found out that Michelle had come to the Gu Family residence that night, she smiled and asked if it was a gesture of reconciliation between them.

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