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   Chapter 1159 Fear

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7235

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Michelle felt like a knife was piercing right through her heart when she thought that perhaps Ray would never wake up. Her heart ached for him.

Such a big star like him might end up spending the rest of his life confined to this small bed.

"Wake up!

Do you hear me? Wake up! Ray!" "All right. At your service!" Seeing his eyes still closed, she thought she must have misheard. She then walked up to him to hear more clearly.

Unexpectedly, Ray opened his eyes and slammed his lips onto her cheek.

She quickly realized that Ray had been awake for some time.

He was teasing her as only Ray could. "You!" Seeing him gradually open his eyes and find the strength to talk to her, Michelle felt both surprised and happy. Immediately she asked, "Does it still hurt?" He actually hadn't felt the pain until Michelle asked him about it.

His lips curved, placing a forced smile on his pale face as he tried to set her mind at rest. He wanted to raise his hands to wipe the tears from Michelle's face but accidentally pulled the skin around the wound on his arm, making him roar in pain.

"Don't move!"

Michelle felt bad for him and also angry at his stubbornness. She gently pushed him back onto bed and said, "I'll send for the doctor. You just stay here and don't move!"

She turned away and wanted to leave, but suddenly Ray grabbed her fingers and said, "I don't want to only see doctors when I open my eyes. Just stay here with me for a bit longer. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure you are okay?"

Ray frowned, stretching his body to check if his legs and arms were still there. Then he asked, "Are there any wounds on my face?" After all, his face was his income. People paid to see his handsome face in movies.

Michelle rolled her eyes and said, "How can you still care about your face when you are wounded like this?!"

"You are not injured, so that leaves only my face I have to worry about."

He had hardly anything that he was particularly fond of in this world and seldom paid attention to anyone or anything. What he did care about was his looks and Michelle.

Michelle tucked him back in bed with tears in her eyes, saying, "No o

to report on the work to me, Michelle?"

Michelle coughed in embarrassment and looked away defensively. "Then I have nothing to say."

Trying to flirt with her, Ray asked, "Aren't you afraid that I will never get up again?"

He asked this troubling question in a very soft but businesslike tone with a half-serious expression on his face.

Michelle would have told him to piss off and to stop being self-pitying if it had been in the past.

She didn't know what to say now, and she was clearly not good at changing the subject. She then said in a low voice, "Yes, I am."

Ray heard the answer he wanted and remained silent for a while. He held her even tighter and kissed her on the forehead then.

"When I was stuck in the fire that day, I had no idea if I would ever get out of it. I recalled my life, thinking there was nothing that I regretted not doing in my life,"

said Ray with his eyes fixed on her. "There is only one thing I regret not doing in my life–I still haven't heard you say that you are willing to marry me. But in hindsight, I feel happy that you didn't say it that day, so you wouldn't be so sad if I had really died then."

Would she really not have been so sad about his death?

Michelle sighed, thinking she would still have had no idea that she still had a heart if it weren't for his accident. She would've been very sad, and her heart would've been torn apart if he had really died on that day!

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