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   Chapter 1158 That Is Their Love

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10222

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Everyone said that marriage would burn the love away. However, Emily felt a little differently about it. She loved Jacob a little more every day. When they were young, she had loved Jacob for his handsome looks.

Now, years had passed by. The nice cover of the book had become wrinkled. However, she still loved the book. She loved Jacob not only for his looks. Although he looked sloppy, sitting slouched on the couch with a crying baby in his arms, she still loved him. She loved him even more.

For Jacob, it was the same.

It had been easy for him to make her all the promises in the world and protect her while they were young and in love. However, it was indeed something rare that he still loved her after their passions had burned out. He still made sure to make her feel safe and loved for all of their days together.

Their oldest child was already turning seven years old. They were now an old married couple. However, his love towards her had never waxed or waned. He was still willing to give her the whole world and support her every dream.

Emily looked at Jacob, who was clearly tired but still trying to take care of the baby. She was glad he loved their baby that much. However, she worried about his health at the same time.

"Nanny, please take the baby to get some sleep and let the kitchen know to prepare some nutritious soup for Mr. Jacob."

"Yes, Ma'am." The nanny walked over and gently took the baby from Jacob. "Mr. Jacob, let me take him."

"Be careful!"

Emily walked over and clambered up behind him. She patted his back and said in a commanding tone, "Lie down now!"

"For what? Are you going to stab me in the back?"

"Just do as I said!"

Emily pushed him insistently and forced him to lie on the couch. She knelt down at his side and started to give him a massage. Her nimble fingers worked at the tight muscles, and she was surprised to feel how much weight he had lost lately. She could feel his bones as she kneaded at his muscles. His shoulders were tense like hard rocks.

Jacob was a man with consistent habits. She remembered that he loved to take a bath and have a massage once in a while. Even though he was always exceptionally busy, he would still make sure to keep his body fit and maintain his health. Feeling his muscles so neglected shocked her.

"I am going back to work next month. It's so boring at home. The baby is going to drive me crazy!"

"When Love and Dream hits big, I will hand this project over to you and I will stay at home to take care of our kid?" Jacob replied with a big smile on his lips.

Emily hit his back to show her dissatisfaction. And she responded unhappily, "I want to go to work next month!"

The doctor hadn't allowed her to leave the house. If it wasn't for that, she would already have packed her things up and been ready for work.

Jacob held her hand and rubbed it gently. "I know you want to help me with the work. I promise I will let you know if I need your help. For now, I am doing okay. So don't worry!"

As he finished, he kissed her fin

prison, living a long life of regret and misery.

In the hospital, there was someone else who also hated Darren as much as Jacob. It was Michelle.

Ray had been lying unconscious in the hospital for a week now. He still showed no sign of waking up. The doctor's diagnosis was that he had suffocated on the smoke at the factory fire. The factory had contained a lot of things that had released toxic gas when they were burning. Those gasses had damaged his cranial nerves. Even the doctor couldn't tell when he was going to awaken, or if he would even wake up.

Michelle had been visiting him daily in the hospital. It was not easy for her as she got tired easily during her pregnancy. Now, she had no time or even the energy to manage her company. A while ago, she had lost the majority of her partners to Jacob. Now, the rest of her partners had also left.

SL Group had nothing to work on for now.

However, Michelle didn't care. She didn't even blink her eyes when she heard how many business partners they had lost or how many contracts they had failed to secure a bid on. She knew they had brought it on themselves.

"I have already investigated the fire. It was not an accident," Michelle said as she was cleaning Ray's body with a wet towel. "Don't worry about it. I will make the people responsible for hurting you pay for what they have done."

Ray was the father of her child after all.

Michelle had to admit she wasn't interested in having a close relationship with him, even though she did have some feelings for him.

When she changed his clothes and saw the tattoo on his chest, she couldn't help but remember the smile on his lips on the night he had said he loved her.

Suddenly, all the sorrow she had hidden in the bottom of her heart spilled out. She fell back on the chair next to the bed and covered her face with her hands as she would usually do to hide her sadness. However, her tears had become a flood and ran out from the gaps between her fingers. "Ray, wake up! I am begging you to wake up!"

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