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   Chapter 1157 Uncle's Inner Thoughts

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Emily kept yelling to return home after having been in the hospital for just a few days. Beryl went to pick her up along with Bowen. The moment she saw Emily, she complained about her little baby brother. "Mommy, I heard that the baby you have just given birth to doesn't belong to my father. I need to see him right now."

Emily helplessly covered her face with her hand. "Is that what your father told you?"

Bowen nodded his head. "One day, when Daddy came back home, he stared at me and Sister for quite a long time and kept sighing. So, Mommy, tell me the truth. Does the baby belong to someone other than my father? Are you going to abandon me and Sister one day?"

Emily was speechless. She was surprised to find that kids were so precocious these days. "Don't spend so much time with your uncle from now on. You're getting unwanted thoughts."

Beryl looked at her newborn brother. He looked exactly like Jacob. "Have you completed the divorce procedures? I'm planning to continue staying with my daddy."

Louis drove all the way to pick Emily up. When he reached the hospital, he took over the baby and struggled to take his eyes off him with a big smile. Louis's reaction was quite predictable, since he had seen the baby before.

"He is so handsome," Louis turned his gaze to Emily. "I heard that Jacob has been busy dealing with the company issues. So I, as your big brother, decided to drive down here to accompany you home. I hope you're comfortable with it."

Emily raised her head and responded with a sweet smile, "Of course I'm comfortable with it. Why wouldn't I be? I appreciate it, my big brother. Thank you so much, my dearest brother."

Emily and her baby were therefore escorted by quite a few people. The moment they got in the car, Emily called for a halt. It seemed that her memory had receded ever since delivering the baby. "I forgot to take my phone. I need to go back to get it."

"Don't worry. I can go get it for you," Louis patted her on her head gently. "Silly girl."

They noticed a lady who was running out from the hospital front gate in high heels. She was holding a stack of files and checking her phone frequently while running. Suddenly, not having noticed the stairs in front, she lost her footing.

The only thing that concerned her was the fear of falling on her face.

"Watch out!"

Louis dashed forward to catch that falling lady. The stack of files fell from her arms. A piece of paper passed by between them. Only then did they have the chance to look at each other carefully.

What a handsome man he was!

She looked like such a learned lady. There was a faint smell erupting from her that seemed to suggest that she worked in the hospital itself. A work card hung in front of her doctor's c

t to see Jacob was one week after she got discharged from the hospital. Every day, by the time Jacob got back home, Emily would have already fallen asleep. Fearing that he might wake her up, Jacob wouldn't intrude into the main bedroom to bother her. Instead, he would randomly pick a room to spend the night.

"Why are you back home so early today?" asked Emily. She was thrilled to see Jacob return home so soon. She couldn't help smiling widely. "I was afraid my dear husband was keeping a beauty elsewhere."

Jacob smiled back at her. He took over the baby and embraced Emily. He put on a big sweet smile on his weary face. "Well, not anyone could easily give birth to such a baby like you."

"Don't humor me."

Emily poured a glass of water for him. It had been quite a long time since she had gotten the opportunity to spend some quality time with him. Noticing Jacob was thinner than before, Emily felt her heart tighten.

"Can't my brother help you?"

Jacob shook his head. "All he can do is to help me persuade the board of directors in HT Group to cooperate with me. As far as the rest of the matters are concerned, I have to do it by myself. This is your dream. I want to be the one who helps you to achieve it. I'm not willing to share the credit with anyone."

Upon hearing this, Emily felt her heart flutter. She wanted to say something romantic, yet she felt a little bit embarrassed. She wanted to thank him, yet she thought it was unnecessary to thank him, considering the fact that they were married now.

It had almost been seven years since they had first gotten to know each other. She had been told that people would change after they got married. She wasn't sure whether she had changed or not, but she was certain that Jacob's love for her hadn't changed a bit. He loved her with all his heart and soul.

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