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   Chapter 1155 The Blood Transfusion

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All doctors spoke in the same way. They sounded like they were repeating what was on the disclaimer notice. However, there was not much Hunk could do about it. He had to trust the doctor.

Hunk's hands trembled with fear and tension. He took the papers which the doctor had just handed to him, and he signed his name on the document after a momentary hesitation. Tears of helplessness ran over his aged cheeks.

Everyone always talked about how difficult it could be for women to give birth. There seemed to be a general awareness of it. However, only when it happened to your own family could you finally understand how painfully worried you could be.

Hunk and Louis waited outside the operation room. They had lost all track of time. Finally, a nurse came out in a hurry. "Who is the father? We need his blood!"

"I am the father! How is my daughter!"

The nurse was fighting against time. She stamped her foot in a frustrated hurry. "Your daughter is fine! The surgery went well! I am talking about the baby's father. The baby needs to have a blood transfusion right now!"

Hunk momentarily relaxed after he knew that Yvonne was okay. He had been in a highly-charged emotional state. Emily's safety was the only thing that seemed to penetrate his mind. Now, he could finally loosen his tightly-stretched nerves before they snapped. His body seemed to lose the ability to support itself then. He mumbled, "Yvonne is okay! Yvonne is okay..." His body trembled violently. Suddenly, Hunk's legs seemed to give out, and he almost fell to the floor. Louis noticed that with some distress, his father's condition worsened. With sudden insight, Louis reached out his hands and supported his father.

He looked at the nurse and hesitantly said, "I am the baby's uncle… Can you use my blood?" Louis wasn't sure if his blood would work. However, he had the same blood type as Jacob's. He had even successfully donated his blood to save Jacob when Jacob had been in danger.

"Both of you go and take the blood test to see if any of your blood types match with the baby's. You'd better call the father over!"

While Louis was getting the blood test, Hunk turned around and called Jacob. He didn't tell him anything about what had happened last night. He just simply told Jacob that Emily was fine, and that the baby needed a blood transfusion.

"You need to..." Before Hunk could finish his sentence, the nurse ran over. She said to Hunk, "We've found a match! We can use the uncle's blood!

You don't have to worry about it further!"

It sounded too good to be true.

Hunk frowned as he took a look at Louis, who was donating his blood inside the other room. Hunk had adopted Louis. Emily and Louis didn't share a blood connection. Therefore, Hunk didn't think Louis shared any biological link with Emily's baby. However, he couldn't think of any other reason why Louis's blood would match with Emily's baby's.

This fleeting thought didn't linger long as Hunk was just glad that Emily was safe and that the baby would be safe too! As for the people who had put her in danger, Hunk was going to make them pay for what they had done! He was not going to let those unethical doctors who had accepted bribes in exchange for his daughter's life go easily. He knew they were only puppets, and that there was someone pulling their strings. There had been someone behind this. He was going to find out who that evil mastermind was.

"You have lost a lot of blood with the donation. You need to rest. You should stay here with your sister," Hunk said to Louis and walked away with some bodyguards.

Louis watched him leave, noticing his tall and straight fig

h a worried expression, she asked, "Where is Ray? The doctor said you were the one who brought him here. Where is he?"

Jacob's face froze. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that Michelle would pull him to a stop just to ask about another man. He was both shocked and embarrassed. However, his pride didn't allow him to show his awkwardness in public. So, he stood there with an expressionless face. A long moment passed by, and Jacob was still in great shock. Without getting a response from him, Michelle continued, "Say something, Jacob! I am asking you where Ray is!" Michelle couldn't help but yell out loud, "Is he okay?"

Looking at Jacob's expressionless face, Michelle couldn't help but think Ray might be seriously injured.

"He is in the fourth room on the left, on the fourth floor."

After getting an answer, Michelle rushed away faster than Jacob could think. She didn't even take the time to give Jacob a second look.

Watching her receding figure, Jacob frowned in surprise. The worry and care Michelle had shown for Ray now didn't look fake to Jacob. He wondered when they had gotten so close.

The day passed by in peace. All their troubles were finally solved. The antagonist behind this drama had left the theater. Jacob had been waiting next to Emily's bed for her to wake up since he returned. He didn't speak about what had happened during that night to anyone else.

Hunk couldn't get any useful information from the heartless doctors. They just said that someone had given them a large amount of money in exchange for Emily's life.

Louis secretly launched an investigation to see if Darren was behind this. However, everyone knew it could only be Darren. What surprised Louis the most was Jacob's attitude towards this incident.

Normally, he would be absolutely furious if anyone even dared to take a second look at Emily. However, he seemed to be unnaturally calm this time.

"Doctor, why is my wife still unconscious?"

The doctor had told them that Emily would wake up after the anesthesia wore off.

The doctor looked at Emily's charts and replied, "That's normal. She is weak and drained from the unnaturally long birthing process last night. After being in labor all night, she is just fatigued. She should be awake by tonight."

As the doctor was speaking, Jacob's eyes took on a wild rage-filled gleam. However, he swiftly concealed it and nodded, saying, "Thank you, Doctor."

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