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   Chapter 1154 Darren's Trick

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11410

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Emily had been having contractions for the whole day already. Finally, she was pushed into the delivery room, and Jacob's phone rang at that same moment.

"Hey, answer your phone! It has rung twice already!"

Jacob had put his forehead on the window and was peeking inside through the gaps in the curtain, anxiously waiting for Emily to come out. Louis kindly reminded him about the call. Right after he reminded Jacob, his phone rang too.

"I am too nervous. Go over there and answer your phone," Jacob scolded.

Louis gave him an annoyed glare. He walked out of the room to take the call.

Less than a minute later, Louis rushed back inside to Jacob and said, "This is not good!" In his rush, Louis almost fell. Seeing how panicked he was, Jacob turned to him and held his arm to support him. With Jacob's help, Louis was able to recover from the wobble and keep his balance. After he gasped for air, he continued, "The factory is on fire! Everyone is trapped inside, including Ray, who was shooting an advertisement inside!"

Jacob's face grew pale with shock. He looked at his phone. The two calls he had missed were both from Darren. It was obvious to Jacob that the fire was Darren's handiwork.

His phone rang again at this moment. "You are still alive, I guess." Darren's voice came from the other end of the line. Jacob sneered back, "You have put your hand really far out this time. Aren't you afraid that the fire in my factory will catch on your sleeve and burn your hand?"

Meanwhile, Louis called the factory to inquire about the situation there. He turned his head to Jacob with a panicked look.

"So what? Even if everyone knows that I set the fire, Ray is still going to be the first one to die in the fire! Now, it might be a good time for you to prepare for his funeral!"

Darren laughed and hung up the call.

Jacob gnashed his teeth in rage and tightened his grip on his phone, almost breaking the device. He deeply regretted letting Darren have the chance to run away last time.

"You stay here. I will go and take a look!" Louis said urgently.

However, Jacob walked forward and stopped him with a restraining hand. "You and Hunk stay here and take care of Emily for me. I will go to the factory. The products are not a big deal; however, I can't let Ray die in the fire. If that happened, Emily would never forgive herself."

Hunk nodded. "Leave her with us. You go ahead!"

Louis had to agree at this point. "Take more guards with you and be careful!"

"Darren is a sly old fox. This fire is probably not the ace up his sleeve. He is definitely going to have something else lined up. Call more men to come here. Let them keep their eyes on everyone who comes and goes into the hospital! Don't give Darren a chance to hurt Emily!" Hunk ordered.

"Father, do you think Emily is Darren's next target?" Upon hearing what Hunk said, Louis began to fret. He realized then that things were likely much more complicated than he had thought. His eyes asked Hunk to confirm his suspicions. Hunk glanced at him, shrugged and replied, "I don't know. It's just strange that the fire started at the same time that Emily went into the delivery room. We have to be careful!" Darren had been lying low for a long time. However, he had started to trouble them again on the same day that Emily was delivering the baby. "It's better for us to be more careful!"

Louis agreed and im

with us a little longer! The doctor is coming! You are going to be fine, and the baby is going to be fine!" As Emily's eyes slowly closed, Louis fell into a tremendous panic. He hadn't ever been this panicked in his life before. No matter what he said, he felt that he was slowly losing her. His didn't know what else he could do. At a loss for what else to do, he kept babbling on and on.


Hearing his voice, Emily opened her eyes again. She raised her hand weakly and placed it on Louis's. She knew she was going to pass out. There was only darkness around her now. Although her eyes were open, she couldn't see any light. She could just hear Louis's voice faintly.

People said that a dying person would see their life flash before their eyes. Emily felt they were wrong. The only thought on her mind was Jacob. She could remember everything that had happened to them since the first day they had met.

"Please tell Jacob, I am sorry. I tried my best..." Emily truly had tried her best. After she had heard the doctors' evil plan, she had tried her best to stay focused and had waited for them to come.

She really wanted the baby to live. She really wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jacob. However, it seemed that she would not have that chance anymore.

Finally, Emily passed out. Her hand dropped limply from Louis's grasp and hung over the edge of the bed. Louis's hands froze in place. Her name seemed to have lodged in his throat. "Yvonne!" He tried to scream and cry out her name. However, he couldn't utter another sound.

At this moment, the new doctor came. He quickly examined Emily's limp body. Then, he diagnosed, "She doesn't have enough fluids, and her blood pressure is low. The bleeding is getting worse. Get ready for a cesarean surgery. Ask her family to sign the consent papers!"

"Sign what papers? Just save my daughter! My daughter is your first priority!" Hunk grabbed the doctor's hand and shouted desperately.

The doctor shook his head. "It's not about saving the mother or baby. The baby has been inside her uterus for too long. They might both end up suffering and suffocating. You need to sign the paper and agree to let us perform the operation. We are going to try our best to save both of their lives."

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