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   Chapter 1152 The Comments

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11997

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Despite Emily's reluctance, she still went to the hospital for the sake of her baby. Like all pregnant mothers, she looked exhausted because she hadn't had any sleep. And as luck would have it, she was completely unaware that the paparazzi had secretly taken her photos in that state. Before long, those photos ended up in the hands of eager and morally questionably reporters. They all pitched in to cook up some of the most unrealistic stories hoping to make a quick buck by attracting public attention. One and another paper published online with her photos. Once the article reached the internet, people started to share and repost it with their own opinions on the matter. Soon, the news reached more and more people. And before long, it became one of the most talked about topics online.

Suffice it to say, the overly dramatic title had done a great job in creating such a big buzz in the media—"Her rich husband went broke, and so did her dreams!"

The most popular comments from the people were just as ridiculous as the article itself. "Love can only keep a relationship alive for so long. Once the money is gone, love is bound to follow suit! Emily should just divorce her husband!"

Emily laughed so hard at the comments that her jaws started to ache. This was one of the funniest and most interesting things that had happened to her in recent time. She was thoroughly impressed by the geniuses who made up a story about a poor girl who dreamed of marrying a rich man. In fact, she thought it was so good, she even wondered if someone was going to turn it into a soap opera.

Jacob wanted to censor the news, but he decided against it when he noticed how much Emily enjoyed them.

The silly comments of the people were what kept Emily so entertained, and she couldn't stop herself from refreshing the page every now and then.

Soon, even the focal point of the topic changed. One girl commented, "If Emily divorces Jacob, I will gladly take him to be my husband!"

A lot of girls started fighting over who would be Jacob's next wife!

That was when the gleeful smile on Emily's face disappeared. With a long face, Emily walked over to Jacob, who had no idea what was going on.

"Where is our marriage certificate?" asked Emily.

"At home. Why? What's wrong?"

"Bring it to me this afternoon! I am going to burn it!"

Jacob's head went blank. His brain desperately scrambled to make sense of it all. They stared at each other for a tense moment, before reverting their gaze to something else. Jacob started to think of what he had done to make her so upset. His mind made all the necessary calculations, but sadly enough, he couldn't find the reason. Then, he started to trace back Emily's most recent activity, hoping to find the reason for her anger. Almost immediately, it occurred to him that her anger must have been attributed to something she saw on her phone. Without saying anything, Jacob grabbed her phone and read the comments on her screen. The next moment his stiff expression broke into a smile and he said, "Are married men really that popular these days?"

Emily grunted angrily and snatched her phone back. Pointing out one of the comments, she said, "Have you missed these comments? Do they all want to be the father of my children?"

"I am going to burn our marriage certificate!"

The nurse's hand froze in midair for a brief moment. She turned around to look at the couple sitting next to each other on the bed. Having found their conversation amusing, the nurse thoughtfully decided to leave the room and give them some space.


r, he shamelessly suggested, "How about I give you a kiss?"

Michelle realized that Ray was not going to let her go if she didn't agree to him and the car was parked on the road. If she had been seen by a traffic police, he was surely going to give her a ticket. As a result, Ray's lack of shame paid off and eventually earned Michelle's cooperation.

"Make it quick!"

Although Michelle had told herself that it was just going to be a peck, when his face got closer to hers, she felt nervous.

Ray had a reputation of being notoriously fickle, but the person Michelle was looking at right now only had love and affection in his eyes. The way he looked at her made her think of herself when she was with Jacob. There was fear and caution in his movement, as if he was worried about ruining the beautiful moment.

"I am sorry." Michelle pushed him away. She sat back on her seat and continued, "I... I... I just can't." Michelle was not ready to accept him just yet. Suddenly, awkward silence permeated the air between the two. Michelle averted her eyes and didn't know what else to say.

There was disappointment in Ray's eyes, but also hints of sadness. Then out of the blue, he made a funny face and stretched his hands out. "Well, if this beautiful lady is not going to let me kiss her, then I will just kiss myself." Right after he dropped the last word, he kissed his palm. Then he patted her forehead with the same hand.

Needless to say, Michelle was taken by surprise. It took her awhile to compose herself and start the car. When she reached her home, Ray was already fast asleep.

Luckily for Ray, she had a well-built body. How else was a pregnant woman going to carry a six feet tall man up the stairs? The thought of leaving him in the car had crossed her mind, but she didn't have the heart to do that to him after she saw how tired he was.

Ray was so exhausted that he couldn't even tell how long he had been sleeping. He was pulled out of his slumber by the sound of running water from the bathroom. Dazed, it took him a few minutes of looking around to realize that he was in Michelle's apartment.

When Michelle walked out of the bathroom, she only had a bathrobe on because she thought he was asleep. She sat in front of the mirror and started putting on her skin care products. All of a sudden, a man grabbed her from the back and kissed her on the neck.

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