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   Chapter 1150 Will Of The Biological Father

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Another cloudy night rolled in covering the last of the twilight sky, as if the blackness failed to come fast enough. The rolling grey rapidly became as invisible as the stars it concealed, but the air imparted a claustrophobic tension. . . . . . This was the third time Emily had dreamt the same dream in the space of a month and even the familiarity of its horror did not help to ease the blow.

The nightmare was more of a night terror because it felt as if she would die from the pain in her brain. Emily woke up feeling cold and paralyzed, staring at the ceiling and wondering what she had done to deserve such a horrid punishment.

"Don't panic. I'm right here."

The warmth from Jacob's hand gradually calmed her nerves and his gentle voice pulled her away from her torment. Emily turned to her side and hid herself in his loving embrace. After a while, she murmured, "I'm so sorry to bother you again."

"Really? If that's the case, then why don't we sleep in separate beds tomorrow night?" Jacob shook his head and teased her to get her mind off those negative thoughts.

Fortunately, it worked as Emily burst into laughter. "Dream on, mister! If I were a sleepwalker, you would probably be the first victim."

Jacob's arms wrapped right around her brought a sense of serenity she had never known before. In the darkness their cuddles felt like a little touch of heaven, warm, together and cozy.

She had long ceased to be a silly little girl who would cry all night for comfort over a nightmare. Now that she was pregnant, it didn't take Emily too long to go back to sleep.

Jacob, however, couldn't sleep another wink after that. He quietly stood on the balcony holding his cell phone all night, but he didn't make any calls.

The fact that Emily was suffering from these recurring nightmares again and again began to worry Jacob. Even if it wasn't unusual for pregnant women to have nightmares, the regularity of Emily's was too high to ignore.

Moreover... Emily had a history of depression. It was a very difficult time in her life and recovery didn't come as easily as Jacob had hoped.

As he turned to look at his sleeping wife in bed, a sense of fear crept into his heart. This was not an ordinary feeling as he had never felt anything like this before meeting her.

The both of them deliberately avoided talking about the nightmares Emily was having. Neither of them brought it up since that day. However, this kind of ignorance would not solve the problem but only make the problem grow bigger. . . . .

In the following days, Emily would deliberately avoid doing things such as cooking or anything that involved the

till obsessing over the will so she looked at Jacob and said, "I want to be a probate notary when I grow up!". . . . . .

Laughter filled the entire house that day as they all enjoyed a lovely afternoon as a family. Emily didn't get much sleep in the afternoon. As a result, soon after the children went to bed at night, she could hardly keep her eyes open.

However, since she was pregnant, Jacob could no longer sleep close to her. For safety purpose, Emily was only allowed to hold one pillow, specifically designed for pregnant women, to sleep at night. Between Emily and the pillow, Jacob only had a little space left for himself.

Jacob felt as though his popularity in the family had declined.

Earlier on, while Emily was taking a bath, Jacob kept staring at Emily's pillow thinking about how it took away the position that once belonged to him. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to embrace his dear wife because of that pillow. . . . . .

When Emily came out of the bathroom, she was baffled seeing her silly husband kicking and punching the pillow. It was such a funny scene.

Emily was such a woman that was great enough to match Jacob. So when she saw the funny scene, she shook her head and sighed calmly. "Tut-tut! As I have expected, somebody could no longer bear it anymore and burst out!"

When Jacob stopped punching the pillow, she walked back to bed and looked at him. "Are you feeling better now?"

Feigning innocence, Jacob glanced at the ravaged pillow and said, "Oh! I was just trying out the pillow for you. I wanted to make sure it was still comfortable."

"Really? Then what do you think? Is it good? Perhaps I should get you one as well."

Another one?

Would there be enough space for Jacob to sleep on the bed?

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