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   Chapter 1149 His Decision

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When Michelle woke up the next morning, she had a bad headache. She thought again of Jacob's cold and cruel rejection of her right before she had fainted.

Her love for him throughout time had been forgotten, and what had once been adoration had finally turned into resentment. Every time she thought of those bitter memories, she felt like she was being stabbed in the heart while she was being suffocated, which was driving her insane!

Michelle raised her hand to rub her aching brow and then slowly opened her eyes. What appeared before her was a familiar and handsome face.

Ray was still sleeping at that moment. His hand, which rested on the curvy side of her body, seemed to feel her movement. Instinctively, he fumbled and held on to her hand tightly.

Michelle stared at him. The sunlight shone through the blinds on his face with a soft glow. The dangerous aura in her beautiful eyes seemed to disappear in an instant. Her heart seemed to have been unburdened of something. It was both throbbing painfully and at the same time filled her with reassurance.

She had never felt this way before. It was like taking a long soak in warm water, as if the sun outside the window was shining right into her heart, melting her resistance and frigid pain.

Michelle couldn't help but laugh at herself. It seemed that Ray somehow always managed to appear when she was the most depressed and helpless. She wasn't always comforted by his presence, but seemed to have gotten used to his appearance, even counting on it.

Ray opened his eyes but didn't even look at Michelle. He said in a hoarse voice, "Just tell me straight when you're ready to do it."

Michelle was speechless. . . . . . The tenderness he had shown her earlier had become little more than an illusion!

Michelle got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Ray smiled lightly. He lazily got up, rolled out of bed, and hugged her from behind. He put his head over her shoulder and rubbed against her. "Last night you talked in your sleep."

"Oh, what did I say?" Michelle didn't know why she had bothered to ask that. She just wanted to say something, anything perhaps. It might even have been because she had been seeing Ray for a while now and had been infected by his affections. But then, perhaps even feeling a little ashamed, she immediately changed her tone, "Fuck you!"

Ray smiled, apparently ignoring her vile response. He kissed her neck and as they stood illumined under the shining sun, gently said, "How about... . . . . . We get out of here!"

"Get out of here?" Michelle sneered. "Do you

nt on his desk. "You may not be able to take care of the money, so take me with you. Our family should go to live in the countryside."

"Play survivors!"

While joking, Emily took a look at the document and read, "Equity transfer?"

"Yes." Jacob let go of her, went to the opposite side of the table and sat down. He gestured her to sit next to him. There was no humor on his face. "I have signed it and from now on SL Group belongs to Michelle."

"Have you made up your mind?" Emily asked.

Jacob merely nodded. He held Emily's hands, and solemnly promised, "Don't worry, I will create a world that belongs to you in the future, and compensate you for what I owe you."

"What are you talking about? You've never owed me anything." Emily knew that he cared about her feelings, but thought that she could not appear happy if SL Group was handed over to Michelle. "This is your hard work, and now it's all gone. I'm just worried you might feel bad."

Jacob felt a sense of tenderness in his heart. He reached out his hands to take Emily into the protective circle of his arms. After being together for such a long time, they no longer had the need of extra words to express their heartfelt feelings. However, Jacob still wanted to say: "I love you."

Emily retreated from his arms and looked at him with her bright eyes. Jacob thought that she was moved and didn't know how to respond, but she suddenly said, "Honey, do we really want to play survivors?"

Jacob was stunned for a second and then roared with laughter.

In the golden evening, under the light from the setting sun, the whole villa echoed with Jacob's and Emily's laughter. There was no greater happiness than to be at each other's side again!

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