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   Chapter 1148 The Constant Nightmare

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Emily finally found the chance to talk after she had stuffed herself full.

Jacob leaned back and stretched his legs out so they were propped on the chair in front of him to better enjoy this rare relaxing moment.

Darren was on the run, hiding in F Country with no hopes of ever coming back. Even Seamus had turned his back on him and even though he still owned the KING Group, sooner or later it was going to get torn apart by other competing companies without Darren to take the helm.

The prospect of taking over the KING Group attracted many companies from all around the city. These companies had their eyes on the KING Group, like salivating scavengers looking to dismantle and plunge in the gigantic corporation.

However, the only person capable of pulling off such an elaborate feat would have to be none other than Jacob. He wanted to get the acquisition completed as soon as possible, but apparently it was going to take some more time.

However, Jacob had already set the cogs in motion, and now it was only a matter of time before he completely devoured the KING Group. David couldn't be happier to hear this.

"Hey David, aren't you tired of sitting around at home yet? How long has it been? When are you going to get back to work and help me out in the company?" Jacob asked lazily.

The moment he brought up the topic, David instantly turned down his suggestion. "Please don't even talk about that! You know how hard it was for me to get back with Rita. I haven't had enough of the good time. I have absolutely no interest of going back to the corporate battlefield."

The smile on Rita's face grew wider after hearing David's response. She was glad to hear him say that he wanted to take some more time to celebrate the love and affection they shared for each other.

Being loved was not the only way for a person to feel happiness. Making a loved one feel happy was more satisfying than any other feeling in the world.

Suddenly, Jacob realized just how jealous he was of them. The idea of spending every day and night, sitting around and doing nothing with Emily was starting to sound very enticing.

Unfortunately, Jacob knew well that he wouldn't be able to enjoy his downtime until his wife and children's safety were assured.

Meanwhile, Emily's hand froze in mid-air and she stopped chewing the food in her mouth after hearing what David had said. Neither man knew she had over

on her head. Then, slowly, he let go of her hand with great patience. "Emily, I am not going to let you leave me again. Not now, not ever. I will try my best to keep you safe. You just need to stay by my side, that's all!"

With his words of assurance, Emily finally felt safe. In his warm embrace, there was nothing she needed to be afraid of. Without a doubt, she would follow Jacob to the ends of the earth and a bad dream was not going to scare her off so easily.

Eventually, Emily's body became less tense. As long as Jacob was with her, she couldn't ask for anything more.

In less than an hour, Emily fell asleep again. Jacob stared at her for a while before he tucked her in and walked over to the balcony to make a phone call.

Soon, someone answered the call on the other end.

"Are you sure it's normal for pregnant women to have nightmares often?" Judging by his tone, it seemed as if he was going to tear the person on the other end apart for saying something wrong.

The gynecologist Jacob was speaking to was fast asleep. Generally, she wouldn't take any calls in the middle of the night, but she didn't dare to ignore Jacob's call. "Mr. Jacob, most women go through some sort of mental stress during their pregnancy. It's normal for them to often have bad dreams. Tomorrow, I will prescribe some medicines to help her with sleep. Do not worry."

She waited quietly for Jacob's response. A few seconds later, Jacob simply made a sound to show his acknowledgement before he hung up.

When the doctor was sure that the line was disconnected, she finally heaved a deep sigh of relief.

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