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   Chapter 1147 Pay Rita A Visit

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After Hunk had left, Jacob finally heaved a sigh of intense relief. He had realized during their exchange that Hunk was going to be a tough father-in-law to please. However, the good thing was that he hadn't taken Emily away from him. If he had, Jacob didn't know what he would have done.

Emily stood behind him. She saw his rigid body sag with relief as he slowly relaxed, and she couldn't help but laugh out loud. This man, the president of a mighty business empire, was behaving like a child, who had just avoided a scolding in front of her.

Hearing her laughter, Jacob turned around and quickly put on a manly look. He used one of his fingers to gently lift up her jaw and looked deep into her eyes with his serious gaze.

Emily's laughter suddenly stopped. Seeing his eyes were full of love and affection as he gazed at her with longing, her heart melted. This man was the only one she loved with all her heart and soul!

Then lust and affection suddenly formed around them. Jacob felt his throat become dry as he looked at Emily's beautiful face. He wanted to love her with all his heart for all of his life. His body started to heat up, and he felt turned on. Now, the only thing on his mind was to make sweet love to her so that they could finally be inside of each other again and not be apart anymore.

However, his head was screaming reason at him over the pounding of his heart in his ears. Emily was pregnant, after all. The baby was still in a precarious condition. He had to control himself, so he would not hurt it.

The lust in his eyes finally dissipated. Lowering his hand, he said oddly, "Emily, do you know how silly you looked earlier?"

Emily had still been enjoying the nice and loving moment, but suddenly, her expression froze. Giving Jacob an understanding look, she then shouted as she looked at Jacob, "Somebody, please stop my father and brother! Please tell them I want to go back home with them!"

"I dare you to move!" As Emily was shouting, Jacob yelled right back at her.

The servant, who was working in the kitchen, was instantly confused by their shouting. She didn't dare to offend either of them, so she chose to play deaf.

Emily hadn't had the chance to show her triumphant expression yet when Jacob took her in his arms. His jaw rubb

m to be her godfather.

Having solved the conundrum, he unknotted his eyebrows and relaxed.

Emily was over six months into her pregnancy. She easily became hungry with the baby growing in her. Lucky for her, David had asked the servants to prepare a big meal for them. Delicious foods and delicacies were all over the big dining table. Emily was pleasantly surprised when she realized that she didn't get sick from the food today. She indulged in her ravenous appetite.

"Emily, try this one! This was made by the specially trained chef that David hired for me during my pregnancy. You won't feel sick at all after eating his food!"

As she was speaking, Rita tried to ladle some food on Emily's plate. However, the table was too big, and she couldn't reach to her.

David gently took her hand back. "She's got it! Eat your own food. Her jealous husband can help her with the food! There is no need for you to worry!"

Upon hearing that, Rita laughed and nodded.

Emily took a bite of the food, tasting one dish after another. She had been vomiting constantly during the pregnancy, so she hadn't had a good meal for a long time.

She suddenly felt that she needed to get her own chef like Rita's. She decided then and there that she was going to find the people who trained this chef when she returned home.

Watching her gulp down the food with relish, Jacob felt something fill the hole that had burned into his heart over the last few months. He just hoped that Emily could stay with him forever like this!

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