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   Chapter 1146 Hunk's Test

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Hunk's old and roughened hand touched Emily's face. Then he gently pinched her cheek. "It seems that you have recovered well. How do you feel? How is the baby?"

"Father, we are alright! Don't worry!"

Emily rubbed her face on the palm of his hand with a soft smile. Her large, round eyes were twinkling with joyful light. Her clear voice was soft and gentle. It seemed that the happy Emily had finally returned.

"Yvonne, I am here to take you back home. This whole place is a bit of a dog's dinner–it's a mess! I am worried about your health,"

Hunk implied. His statement announced his decision, and he left no room for discussion.

He held Emily by the waist and prepared to walk her out. Jacob couldn't be more anxious when he saw this.

He was, however, too worried about losing Emily to even notice the cunning twinkling light in Hunk's eyes.

Jacob walked in front of them and stopped them with his arms stretched out past his sides–effectively barring their way. He was about to say something. However, Emily, who was in Hunk's arms, shook her head at him. She turned around and stood between them.

"Father, I think you are aware of what has happened. There is no reason that Louise should hide it from you. I guess you are still mad at Jacob! How about this? Why don't you just beat him up? Jacob and I haven't divorced yet. So if I don't stay here, where do you propose I should go?"

Emily said amiably with a soft tone of voice. Her clear and beautiful eyes fixed on Hunk's.

She already knew that Hunk was only here to defend her, although he had claimed that he inte

rolled his eyes, turned his head and gave Louis a cold glare. He sneered and used a fake look of serious discontent to cover his embarrassment.

"You saw how your sister acted earlier. There was no way that we could just take her back home."

Hunk put his hands behind his back and slowly strolled out of the manor with a pensive gaze in his eyes. He had been through a lot in life, and it had changed his perspective on things. Therefore, his dark eyes were calm and filled with the light of wisdom.

"I just wanted to test Jacob. Did you see how anxious he was when I tried to take Yvonne home? If he cares that much about Yvonne, he is not going to treat her badly."

After Hunk finished his sentence, he quietly got inside the waiting car. His eyes were twinkling with a mix of emotions, but Louis couldn't tell what exactly his father was thinking or feeling.

As a father, Hunk was not content to see his daughter suffering. However, he knew that Emily and Jacob really loved each other.

He couldn't do anything that would break apart that love.

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