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   Chapter 1145 More Care, More Trouble

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7859

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Emily curled up in their bed and exchanged looks with Jacob. Then, Jacob winked at Emily and haltingly said, "I guess they are your father and brother, aren't they?"

"Judging from their voices, I would think so."

Seeing Jacob regard the situation with a grave expression, Emily felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach as well. She reached out with her small hand and stroked Jacob's neck, comforting him softly. Emily soothed in low voice as she nodded slowly, saying, "It should be fine. My father wouldn't dare do anything to you."

But neither of them really believed that.

The expression on Jacob's face had become a complicated combination of annoyance, self-accusation, flurry, and tension.

All these moods had become interwoven, painting his face in a kaleidoscope of micro-expressions.

Patting the back of his head, Jacob said ruefully, "I should have taken you to the Ke Family immediately. I moved the priority to the back of my mind because I had so much to attend to."

After Emily had been discharged from hospital, the only thought that occupied his mind was to hide her away in his home. The Ke Family fell by the wayside.

If they hadn't talked about Darren previously, Jacob might never have mentioned her brother.

Now, facing Emily's family suddenly arriving for a visit to his house, Jacob was panicked and at a loss for what to do.

Although he loved Emily from the bottom of his heart, he himself even felt ashamed of the fucked up situation and all the miserable things he had done to Emily. Not to mention what he had done to Hunk and Louis, who both had cherished Emily as the apple of their eyes.

"Yvonne, are you here?"

Hunk's roared questioning went unanswered. Ablaze with anger, he snorted and plopped down on the sofa before glancing at Louis who was standing beside him with a complicated but guarded expression.

Louis walked up to his father and asked for patience amid his yelling for a final time.

But his unspoken criticism against his father's childish temper tantrums was burgeoning from a place deep in his heart.

'It's no use to wear that face since you are already here, ' Louis thought.

He had come to know his sister well, and he knew she was deeply in love with Jacob. But Louis had expressed his concerns with his fists by beating up Jacob when they had last met outs

left him feeling disturbed.

"Father, why are you angry again?"

Suddenly, a soft voice floated down to them from the upstairs landing, soothing Hunk's ruffled feathers in an instant.

Quickly, he turned back and smiled, the wrinkles on his face blossomed like a spring rose in bloom.

With a fatherly love, he waved a hand to Emily and said, "Yvonne, come here."

The stark contrast from moments earlier made Jacob and Louis exchange astonished glances. Spontaneously, their mouths pouted as they lamented their respectively miserable conditions.

Emily hadn't meant to come out of the room so late.

She had quickly been cleaning up the messy room and dressing herself up. She had heard Hunk's belligerent yelling from the floor below, and his formidable voice had made her feel quite relieved that she now had a father who doted on her.

With a sweet smile, she supported her swollen belly with one hand and walked downstairs with great care. While she was still approaching Hunk, she reached out her hands and then pinched Hunk's cheeks as she pretended to say with anger, "I heard you abusing someone just now. Is that correct? Your doctor has advised you not to get so angry. He did warn you to consider your health, didn't he?"

Hunk put his hands on her shoulders and gazed lovingly at every part of Emily's face until he was finally sure that she seemed okay. Satisfied, he gave a happy nod and took a negligent glance at Jacob, who was standing by with a broad smile on his face. Finally, an amiable smile settled back on Hunk's aged face.

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