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   Chapter 1144 Darren's Hiding Spots

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Darren had had every confidence in his plan until the moment he received this new information that took him by surprise. In an outburst of rage, he growled and slammed his fist down onto the table. The smile on his face died faster than wisps of smoke dissipating after a candle flame had been snuffed out.

Darren felt as though his breath was caught in his throat as hatred and resentment erupted in his veins.

Clutching his hands into fists, he said, "Are you sure they found all the other hiding spots as well?"

Darren prided himself on having several hideouts to tackle any kind of emergency, but now he found himself backed into a corner. Like a pack of bloodhounds, Louis and his men sniffed out almost all of his secret hideouts, and it was only a matter of time before they were at his doorstep.

"Yes, sir,"

replied the man on the other end of the call. Although he couldn't see Darren's seething face, he could imagine the magnitude of Darren's fury just by his tone of speaking. Immediately, he stood up straight, closed his eyes and swallowed.

"Then we don't have much time left. You'll need to find some more safe places to hide in for now. If you need money, just go and get it from the casino,"

sighed Darren. There was a moment of silence before Darren finally calmed himself down. He gave the man a new set of instructions to follow before hanging up the phone.

As he rested his back on the couch, Darren reached his hand out as if he was trying to grab something from the air. Suddenly, his fists clenched with blanched knuckles and the nails dug deep into the palm of her hands.

Burning rage hissed through his body like deathly poison, screeching a demanded release in the form of violence. He vowed vengeance, forming and enunciating every word with perfect diction.

"Louis, I will see to it that you suffer for the rest of your miserable life."

It was obvious that Darren had hit rock bottom.

Ever since he kidnapped Emily, Jacob had been chasing him to the ends of the earth. As if that weren't bad enough, even Seamus, his longest lasting partner in crime had stabbed him in the back.

And now, Louis had joined the others in the witch hunt. Perhaps if it weren't for Bill's protection, they might have already found him out.

Like a cornered animal, Darren's resolve for revenge grew even more intense. However, he didn't know that Louis was actually busy with something else he considered b

es in the Tyrone Mansion, he replaced all the servants just to be on the safe side. This servant just so happened to be one of the new recruits. This was the first time she had worked for a rich and powerful family, which would explain why she failed to recognize Hunk and Louis from the very beginning.

However, in spite of that she knew who the Ke Family were.

Just the mere thought of the family name made her realize what a big mistake she had made.

Tiny beads of sweat started appearing on her forehead. And just as she took a few steps backwards, she accidentally slipped. Thankfully, Louis was there to stop her from falling. She politely bowed her head and formed an apologetic smile on her face.

"Mr. Ke... I am sorry for being so rude earlier. I wasn't expecting you to visit. Please accept my sincerest apologies!"

The servant's hands trembled with each word she uttered. It was as if the blood in her body had frozen up.

After all, it wasn't easy for her to land this amazing job. The work here wasn't hard, but the pay was more than satisfactory. If she ended up losing her job, she would truly regret and have nowhere else to go.


Hunk sneered, giving her a cold glance. The mere thought of having a conversation with such a clueless person seemed tiresome. He drew his eyes away and continued to search for Emily.


The moment Jacob and Emily heard his voice, they looked at each other with an incredulous expression on their faces.

Jacob sprang up. The lust in his eyes had disappeared in an instant. He had a hard time breathing, and his eyes were filled with shock and fear.

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