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   Chapter 1143 Darren's Plan

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"Stop worrying about it. I will tell you all about it later, but for now you just need to know that it's a fake one."

Jacob gently ran his fingers through Emily's hair and stroked the side of her face. A smile touched his face and his eyes softened.

"Okay, fine! You got me on this one!"

Emily nodded and muttered as she buried her head in his arms.

"Okay, I owe you one for this and I will gladly spend the rest of my life making it up to you. How does that sound?"

Jacob's words were filled with tender love and affection. It was by his use of words that he managed to win her heart. They helped to chase all her worries away, and it made her feel loved from the bottom of her heart.

"Oh, did you hear anything about Darren and Seamus?"

Emily raised her head to face him after they cuddled up together for a while. She frowned at the thought of Seamus who she had seen in the hospital the other day.

"No, nothing yet."

As long as Darren was still out there, they couldn't relax and let their guard down, even for a moment. He was still a threat, as far as they were concerned. And if they weren't careful, they would be in trouble.

"It seems like no one knows where they are."

"That's true. I have sent my men to look for them and Louis is personally handling the search so I think we will hear from them very soon."


Emily didn't know that Louis was working with Jacob.

Hearing her brother's name from Jacob's lips gave her many reasons to be surprised. "Did you tell him everything? How much does he know?"

All the while, Emily was under the impression that Jacob had kept the truth about sending her to the hospital a secret. The fact that Louis knew about it made Emily feel awkward and slightly embarrassed.

"Not everything, but he had already done his own research."

Jacob sighed deeply, rubbing his temples with his forefingers and thumbs. Then, he clenched his hand into a fist and feigned a few c

ing back to their own room.

They wished to be rid of Darren, but that would be easier said than done.

Darren snorted arrogantly as he watched them scamper away like rabbits running for their lives.

It was clear that he didn't really care about them.

Dina and Nora meant nothing but meat he could pimp out for his own benefit. He could just as easily cut them off without feeling the slightest bit of remorse or guilt.

He was casually playing games on his phone when suddenly he received a notification. With a smirk, he answered the call.

"How is it going? Emily is going to deliver the baby in a few months, isn't she?"

"Yes, sir. Jacob has been spending a lot of time with her in their house. We haven't had a chance to do anything yet. According to my calculations, Emily should be taken to a hospital soon."

Darren's restless fingers gently rubbed the lines on the back of the phone while he felt amused to hear what the man had said.

"Okay, keep your eyes on her and take care of the people in the hospital. I want it to be done in one go."

"Yes, sir,"

the man answered courteously. After pausing for a moment, he continued, "Louis is on the move. He has already found a few of our hiding spots in the suburbs. We are down to our last hideout, which is Nora's place."

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