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   Chapter 1142 Fake Divorce Certificate

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After seeing his serious expression, Emily nodded and replied, "I have it here. You asked me to take it with me, so I did."

They were talking about the box that had their divorce certificate and the locks of their hair inside.

"I want to take it back!"

Jacob sat upright and spoke with an air of importance.

The divorce certificate was a fake one, anyway. Jacob intended to destroy it, for it would only bring back the bad memories to Emily. As far as the love knot which was made from their hair, he was going to keep it at home. It was the proof of their ultimate love. It belonged in their home.


Emily nodded her head as she blinked at his sudden seriousness. "It should be in the casket in the bedroom. What do you need it for?"


Jacob disentangled himself from her and got up from the couch before walking towards the bedroom. Emily pushed herself up and watched him. Before he stepped into the bedroom, he turned around and gave Emily a meaningful smile. "It's a secret. You can't peek!"

Then, he mysteriously closed the bedroom door.

"You are really..."

Emily pursed her lips and cracked a wryly smile. She was in a good mood now, so she let him to do whatever he wanted. She knew there was nothing but a divorce certificate inside.

Suddenly, Emily felt frozen.

She suddenly realized that they were divorced!

She had forgotten all about it.

She no longer doubted the love he had for her, and the divorce certificate wouldn't change how they felt about each other. However, it still presented some trouble for them.

In spite of Seamus and Darren being missing, Michelle was still here trying to sink her claws into Jacob's heart. She was enough of a concern to worry Emily.

Although Emily had kids with Jacob, they were not legally a couple anymore.

It was not something that she was happy about.

"Don't worry about it. Jacob had his own reason for doing it..."

She tried to comfort herself while she pinched her own face and smiled. She forced herself to suppress all of these bad feelings.

Then, she sat up and curled her legs under herself as she slouched on the couch. Pressing the buttons on the remote control, she kept skipping through the channels. The smile that had graced her face and the bubbly happiness that had sparkled in her eyes had vanished.

She lowered her head and frowned with rising sorrow. Her sadne

r air until, finally, she made a sound. "You mean you faked the divorce certificate?"

When Sam had brought the certificate to her, the look he had had on his face had truly fooled Emily.

Because of this certificate, Emily had been suffering endless and agonizing pain. She had even considered killing herself. Now, he was telling her it was a fake.

"I have explained everything to you. Everything I did, even if it was against my will, was still to protect you. The only way I could think of at the time to keep you safe was to draw a clear line between you and me in public. The divorce certificate was the best way to prove it to everyone."

Jacob suddenly remembered everything that Emily had gone through during that time. His hand, which had been patting her back, clenched into a hard fist. He unconsciously kept tightening his grip until his knuckles threatened to pop and the pain left his fingers throbbing.

After a moment of pause, he explained, but somehow it didn't feel like it was enough. His eyes drowned in pain and self-blame. The guilt of that decision filled his head and kept torturing him.


Emily snatched the certificate from him and carefully examined it. She looked at every single word and mark on it. "This looks exactly like the real thing."

Although she hadn't really looked at it in detail when she had received it after the divorce, she had spent so much time staring at it after she had calmed herself down following the initial shock a few days later. This fake certificate looked exactly like the real one from any which way she looked at it.

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