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   Chapter 1141 Pay For The Rest Of His Life

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Emily called out his name in slight frustration and pushed his hand away. She stared at his face and waited for his response.

When he had held her in his arms earlier, she had tried to free herself. However, he had held her too tightly, shielding her with his body such that she couldn't move even a bit.

He had covered her eyes and carried her inside without letting her look at Michelle. She didn't even have the chance to take her phone with her.

"Don't concern yourself about her." Jacob sighed when he saw how stubborn Emily became. He pinched her nose and assured her, "She is going to be fine!"

Jacob had seen very clearly that a black Bentley had been following behind Michelle.

If he wasn't mistaken, he was sure the vehicle belonged to Ray.

After thinking again of the information he had gotten from his men, Jacob knew that Ray was the last person who would hurt Michelle.

"You have sent your men after her, haven't you?"

Emily asked again after hearing the firmness in Jacob's tone when he spoke. She knew he could not be certain about anything without first checking it out to make sure about it.

"I have."

Jacob fobbed her off with his calm and soft response.

Emily thought of Ray as her own brother. However, Michelle was clearly her enemy. If Emily knew they had something going on, Jacob worried she might be concerned and end up getting her feelings hurt. So, he decided to hide it from her for now.

"No wonder..."

The good thing was that Emily suspected nothing.


Emily cried out in pain. Then, she smiled as her face softened. A golden light shone on her face, and she seemed to glow with a motherly tenderness.

"Is the baby kicking you?"

Jacob had been at her side through her pregnancies several times now. He was not as surprised as before since he knew what to expect now. He raised his eyebrows and sat next to her with a big smile on his normally austere face. Then, he gently put his head on her bulging belly and listened to their tiny hearts beating inside the woman that he loved.

He gave his unborn baby a big thumbs up in his heart. It had successfully drawn its mother's attention and helped its father out of a pickle.

Emily had temporarily forgotten about Michelle because of her baby's kicking.

"You are so silly."

Emily gently ran her finger along Jaco

idn't like the taste of sour fruit.

"I know. I want to have it though."

After hearing his explanation, Emily felt intense joy. She was glad that he still remembered her tastes.

She just wanted to see if he had again become the same person she had loved in the past.

But, Emily wasn't lying. She had a craving for something sour.

"Here you are."

After she insisted, he fed her a slice of the sour orange. He carefully kept one of his hands under her jaw in case she spat it out.

However, what happened next stunned Jacob.

His eyes widened as he watched Emily enjoy the sour orange even though she would have scrunched up her face in distaste at it in the past.

Slowly, he frowned.

Then he said in a wrenching and desperate voice, "Am I going to have a boy?"

He had been dreaming of having a girl like Emily–beautiful and fair.


Emily thought about it after she heard what Jacob said. Then, she thought back to her tastes when she had had Beryl and Bowen in her belly, comparing it with her taste now. Blinking her eyes, she nodded her head with resignation. "I think you might..."


Jacob suddenly lay back down. Then, his face grew serious as he gently poked Emily's belly. "Boy, I am warning you! Stop wrestling in your mommy's belly from now on!"

Emily laughed. They talked and joked for a while. Suddenly, Jacob seemed to remember something important. He held Emily's shoulders to make her sit upright and asked in a serious tone, "Do you have the box I asked Sam to give to you with you?"

"I do. What's wrong?"

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