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   Chapter 1140 What A Fool

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said Emily just before Jacob picked her up in his arms. As she put both arms around his neck, she couldn't be happier at this moment.

They were going back home.

They were finally going back home to their children.

Emily was really happy that she could finally call it their home again.

After what had seemed like an impossibility, the thought of everything going back to the way it had used to be made Emily feel relieved.

Jacob was thoughtful enough to drive slowly on their way back because he didn't want Emily to get carsick. Just as they were about to take the last turn towards their house, suddenly, a woman stormed out from the front gate and jumped in front of their car. If Jacob had not slowed down and hit the brakes on time, she might have suffered a fatal injury at the very least.

"What's going on?"

Emily's eyes widened in shock. Although the car stopped just in time, the impact shook the car and made a loud thudding noise. Emily's face turned pale with fear and she tried to get out of the car as quickly as possible to see if the woman was still breathing. "Jacob, call an ambulance right now!"

"Stay here! You're not going anywhere like this!"

Jacob grabbed Emily's hand and gave her a stern look. "Just hang tight. I'll go and see what's going on. I know her," he said, seemingly annoyed.

Jacob had seen the woman's face as soon as he had hit the brakes. It was none other than Michelle.

For some reason, Michelle was wearing a hospital patient's uniform, which puzzled Jacob.

"Ah! I see!"

Emily frowned and shook her head. The expression on Jacob's face had given Emily a hint of who the woman could be.

She gave Jacob a meaningful look and said, "Okay, just be careful!"

Just as Jacob got out of the car, the woman stood upright, immediately confirming Emily's guess.

The cold wind blew Michelle's hair over her pale sickly face. The hospital uniform that was clearly a few sizes bigger than her size hung from her delicate frame, concealing her weak body. However, it looked like the wind could blow her off her feet at any moment.

Indeed, it was Michelle.


Michelle ran to Jacob and grabbed his hand against his will. For a brief moment, her dull eyes lit up, revealing the obsession she harbored for him in her heart. She stared at his handsome face as if she were trying to stamp every angle of his features in her head.

Although Michelle had promised Ray that she would stay in the hospital for the baby's sake, her desperation to see Jacob before her belly started to show had overwhelmed her. After all, she missed Jacob very much.

Despite all odds, Michelle had tried her luck and decide

allen in love with him.

For some reason, Michelle had thought they would end up together at that time, but now she was the one standing alone.

She had been wrong about him all along.

Michelle walked on the streets mindlessly, like a ghost drifting from one corner to another corner without a purpose.

It was as if her entire world had collapsed on top of her, killing every bit of hope that was left in her heart. What was she going to do now?

There was a black car following her from behind, driving towards her very slowly.

Michelle, however, was too distraught to form proper thoughts, let alone notice that she was being followed.

She walked for hours with no track of time whatsoever. Exhaustion crept into her eyes, and soon, her vision blurred. She felt overwhelmed by a strong dizziness. And before long, her knees gave in, sending her straight to the ground.

Just as the world started to disappear into darkness, Michelle expected to feel the touch of the cold hard ground, but before she knew it, the sensation she felt was a warm and familiar embrace. She tried to open her eyes to see who had caught her, but her eyelids were too heavy to open.

The last thing she heard before falling unconscious was the heavy sighing of a man.

Falling in love was always easier than falling out of love.

"Is Michelle going to be okay?"

Emily asked Jacob as he carefully set her on the couch. She was still a bit shaken up from what had happened earlier. She remained silent for a moment and then raised her head to look at Jacob. "Are you sure we shouldn't go back and help her?"

"Honey, she's not our problem anymore,"

Jacob said as he grabbed an orange from the table and started peeling it. Then he brought one slice to her mouth and said, "Take a bite!"

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