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   Chapter 1138 Abort It Or Not

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7673

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As the bodyguards left the hospital, the door of Ray's office suddenly slammed open.

His assistant rushed in as he shouted, "Ray! This is bad!"

"What's wrong?"

Ray put the script he was reading to the side. Frowning, he gave his assistant an unpleasant glare. "Calm down!"

"It's... It's about Miss Michelle!"

Once the assistant finally finished what he had come to say, Ray froze for a moment. Shortly after, he jumped up. With a long face, he tried to ask something, but his phone vibrated where it lay on the corner of the desk.

"Is this Mr. Ray?"

a voice came from the other end of the line.

"It is."

Ray didn't know why, but this call gave him a bad feeling.

"We found your number on Miss Michelle's recent contacts list. She is in the Central Hospital. We've found that she is pregnant. She is not in great condition. Do you..."

"I will be there shortly."

Ray's mind went blank. His eyes widened, and his grip on the phone tightened. His eyes turned darker. Before the nurse could finish speaking, he had responded and ended the call. Grabbing his coat from the rail by the door, he dashed from the office. He didn't even remember to take his dark sunglasses.

"Ray, you forgot your mask!"

His assistant had rarely seen him in such a hurry. He quickly took the sunglasses and mask and chased after Ray.

Ray was a famous movie star. If the assistant hadn't heard it wrong, Ray was going to the hospital to see Michelle, who was pregnant.

It would not be good for his reputation if the paparazzi caught him in such a situation.

"Thank you. You stay here! I will go there alone."

Ray took the mask and sunglasses and covered his face with them. He then said to his assistant with a serious look, "Keep this as a top secret. Don't let anyone find out anything about it!"

No one had found out about what had happened between him and Michelle on that night. He couldn't let anyone find out about his visit to the hospital.

Ray didn't really care much about his reputation. He just didn't want Michelle to be the victim of slander.

"I understand."

His assistant nodded in agreement. Carefully, he observed Ray's reaction. In the depths of his heart, he was a bit confused.

He wondered when Ray and Michelle had developed such a close co

The hate she had towards Ray had consumed her mind.

"Mr. Ray, I, I can't..."

Ray wasn't upset by her mad reaction. Instead, he held her tightly in his arms and let her express all her anger at him by pounding against his chest with her fists. The doctor was shocked. He felt trapped in this awkward situation. Looking at them, he carefully asked, "Are you the father of the baby?"

Normally, there was nothing the doctor could do if a mother wanted to abort her baby. However, if the father disagreed, they had to discuss it and make the decision together.



After Michelle's desperate denial, Ray replied in confirmation with a calm voice.

"Ray! Get out my sight, now!"

Upon hearing that, Michelle's face reddened in anger. She stared at him with a complex mix of feelings, being both angry and embarrassed. Soon, the embarrassment became the fuel for her burning rage. She dug her sharp red nails into his flesh. Trying to push him away, she screamed, "It's my body! You have no say over it! It's not even your baby!"

There was no way Michelle would let Ray's baby grow in her belly.

That night was the most shameful event in her life. And this baby was the only evidence of it!


A loud slap suddenly sounded.

The noisy room fell into a deathly silence.

Michelle held her cheek. She was suddenly silenced by the great shock. She had a hard time believing what had just happened. However, the sharp pain and her swollen face were telling her that Ray had just slapped her.

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