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   Chapter 1137 Michelle's Hope Of Living

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Jacob had never had any interest to be with any other woman except Emily.

If Michelle still wasn't willing to accept that, he wouldn't mind giving her the cold shoulder.

Siting in the chair, Michelle was silently sipping some soybean milk. Although tears were glittering in her eyes, she held them in check with an iron will, unwilling to allow even one tear drop to spill over her cheeks.

She kept telling herself that there was always something else she could try next time.

Now, the only purpose of her living was to see Jacob.

She couldn't imagine what a life she could live if she had to give up on Jacob.

Michelle knew that she had to do something. Resolutely going to the HT Group every day was her only way to temporarily forget about what had happened to her that night.

The desperation and embarrassment she had felt after that night with Ray was not anything she wanted to endure again. Jacob was the last hope of her life.

So, she clung to the thought of him in desperation.

Although he disdained seeing her, she still couldn't give up.


Suddenly, Michelle groaned softly in pain. Frowning, she instantly held her hands over her stomach. Her face grew pale and skewered up as she felt cramping in her abdomen.

"What's going on? Did I catch a cold last night?"

The pain in her belly worsened, as if an electric drill was perforating the inside of her stomach. The pain was hard to bear. Michelle stumbled to the sofa and slowly curled her body into a ball. Her face lost all its color and great beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

It had taken her a lot of energy to drag herself to the couch. Hugging a pillow and lying on it with her body curled up, she finally felt a little better.

Michelle slowly closed her eyes after she peeked at the wall calendar with concern.

She calculated the date in her mind and figured it should be about time for her period to come.

She fully considered the pain as just a punishment of her irregular life style.

The clock ticked away and minutes turned into hours. The warm and bright sunshine shone on her body from the window, but she couldn't feel any warmth from it.

Her body trembled uncontrollably, and her chest heaved slowly. Her long and beautiful but cold fingers pressed hard against her belly. Great beads of sweat ran from her forehead to slowly drop down her cheeks.

Despite time ticking along, the pain didn't relent.

Michelle didn't know why her period would hurt so badly this time.

Ring, ring...

The phone, which lay on the corner of the coffee table, suddenly rang. It took Michelle by surprise. She opened her tightly closed eyes, and her eyela

chelle might just be trying to put on a show for him. No matter what her intentions were, he couldn't care less about her.

Having someone take her to the hospital was the most he could do as a casual friend.

"Yes, sir,"

two of the bodyguards answered. Then they ran over to Michelle, and one of them carried her into the waiting car.

Seeing her pallid face, a bodyguard sneered, "Hey, she plays it very well!"

"I know! Let's see how she plans to keep faking it when we get her to the hospital. I guess she might be really upset that we carried her into the car, not Mr. Jacob," the other guard replied.

They exchanged glances and saw their detestation of her in each other's eyes.

After all, most people would not accept a woman who had tried to climb into a married man's bed. Even these days, it was frowned upon. This was certainly the opinion of the men here.

They knew about everything Michelle had done in the past. Naturally, they simply assumed that her passing out was one of her new tricks. If Jacob hadn't asked, they wouldn't even have thought of taking her to the hospital.

"Doctor, this is Miss Michelle. We found her passed out on the road. Please, take a look at her,"

one of the men brusquely said to the doctor as they unceremoniously dumped Michelle on the bed. "Oh, don't forget to give her family or friends a call."

As the bodyguard spat out the last word, like it had a bad taste, he turned around and left with the other bodyguard without any hesitation.

It was a scary experience for the doctor as a couple of strong, muscular men in black suits had stormed into the ward with a semi-comatose woman in their arms. It was enough to scare anyone.

"Okay, will do!"

the doctor replied and asked the nurse to walk them out.

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