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   Chapter 1135 No Way To Go

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However, Ray didn't let her leave.

Michelle finally accepted it and gave up on fighting so hysterically.

After he was sure that she had calmed down, Ray raised his head, and he looked at her searchingly.

His dark and wizened eyes stared into hers. It seemed to Michelle that he could see right into her heart.

"If you have calmed down, then please do as I've said."

Having spoken, he picked her up without her realizing what he had planned to do.

Ray held Michelle tightly in his powerful arms and let her lean against his chest. He walked steadily, and he had a determined yet gentle expression on his handsome face.

With this spur-of-the-moment action, Ray had broken into her heart without any warning.

However, Michelle quickly ignored the intense feeling that he stirred in her, and she let the emotion fly out the window of her heart.

"All right, put me down."

She looked away quickly and concealed the intense feelings that stirred in her eyes. It would be impossible for Ray to discover her unusual and turbulent emotions from her calm and low voice.

"I will give you a ride home."

Ray gently set her down. Then, he reached out his hand to the car door with the intention of opening it for her.

However, Michelle grabbed his wrist unexpectedly and coldly said, "Thank you, but I will go home by myself."


He turned around and stared at her for a long moment. His eyes flickered with suppressed emotions and mixed feelings. Finally, he sighed and lowered his arm. "You take care!"

It was not a bad idea for her to go and think about what had happened once she was alone.

Ray believed she would be able to rationally handle the situation once she had calmed down more.

The red car sped away and disappeared from Ray's sight as it zoomed around a corner.

A while later, when she had reached a quiet area, Michelle slowly stepped on the brakes and parked the car.

She lay forward on the steering wheel, put her cold fingers on her forehead and started to cry. The car shuddered with her suppressed crying, and her agony filled the small space.

Now that she was alone, she was just a woman.

All the toughness she had bravely shown to Ray just now had been her only way to protect her last shreds of dignity.

Now that she was finally alone, she was able to give in to her true self and express her real feelings. Her fragile self-esteem had been shredded to pieces. She cried hopelessly, like a homeless and beaten-up child.

A while later, Michelle's crying faded away. Rubbing at her burning nose, she sniffed. Then, she restarted the car with a turn of the key in the ignition.

Unnoticed, a black Bentley had been following not far behind her.

h almost mechanical motions. She stubbornly kept patting the foundation on her neck, trying to cover the marks that had not faded from there. Finally, she picked up a bright red lipstick and slowly caressed her lips with the color, hoping to bring a little cheer.

Michelle tried to conceal her pale face with cosmetics.

Slowly, she rose and dressed herself up in the way that Jacob liked best. Although she hadn't eaten for three days, she didn't feel hungry at all. She immediately walked downstairs step by step and left the house.

Right now, Michelle just wanted to see Jacob.

Even it was just one stolen look!

She needed to see him in person in order to make sure that she had only him in her heart. She had to be sure she meant something to him.

She had to find Jacob!

Moments after she had walked out, Ray, who was at his company, received the news. He clenched his fist and closed his lips to form a thin line. He seemed to be caught in a deep conflict.

There were only a few words in the message on his phone screen.

"Miss Michelle went to the HT Group."

Ray knew that he shouldn't have such intense feelings towards Michelle. Every time they met, they would fight and argue with each other. He didn't know why he felt so intensely frustrated when he read the message.

He forcefully set the phone down with a thump on the table, leaving it face down. After a heavy sigh, he forced himself to sit in the chair behind his desk. Casually grabbing a script from the pile of movie offers, he forced himself to read it.

However, he was the only one who knew if he was even able to keep a single word of the script in his head, given his distraction.

When Michelle had just parked the car in front of the HT Group, she rushed across the parking lot and hurried into the building.

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