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   Chapter 1134 Responsibility

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7588

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Ray wanted to shake off her roving hands and walk away, but his mind was now in a complete mess.

However, Michelle dragged him by the wrist and wouldn't let go.

He nervelessly lost his balance and fell forward into the large bed, almost landing on top of Michelle.

His mind was foggy and tipsy from the impact and the lingering effects of the sweet wine.

Michelle suddenly rolled onto Ray and slammed her red, luscious lips onto his before he knew what hit him.

Her breath deepened as she groaned Jacob's name repeatedly.


Michelle said in a gentle and enchanting voice. She rubbed her face against Ray's neck like a kitten purring as she held onto his waist with her slender arms.

In this moment of confusion and released inhibitions, she truly believed that Ray was Jacob.

However, Ray was too drunk to know about what was going on now. His mind had gone blank, and pure lust had taken over.

They were lying in bed in a lovingly tangled mass after they had removed each other's clothes, enjoying each other's company.


Her white, swan-like neck was soon covered in seductively red hickeys, and her eyes were watery with passion. She then gently bit her lips, and her body straightened up a little.

Ray's hot breath in her ears made her tremble uncontrollably.

Then, Ray gently buried his face in Michelle's breasts, where he bit their ample roundness and stroked her skin with his powerful hands.

This was the start of their intimate affair.

But it was just the beginning.

After a long time.

The first rays of the sun made its way through the curtains to dance on their bare bodies on the bed.

"It hurts,"

Michelle muttered to herself and fluttered her eyelashes. She blocked the dazzling sunlight with her hands and, through her hangover, became aware of an achy sore sensation all over her body.

She was confused.

And then she opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

Suddenly, her mind flashed back to what had happened yesterday.

Now that the alcoholic fog had dissipated somewhat, she could clearly remember what had happened, and her face turned very pale.

Michelle then quickly sat upright and looked in disbelief at Ray, who was still sleeping next to her.


her mind stormed chaotically.

"Don't touch me!"

Ray helped her put on his coat again, but Michelle just ripped it off and threw it to the ground, not caring at all that she was trampling it under her bare feet. She then stomped straight to the door with only a piece of sheet covering her.

"Can you please calm down!"

Seeing her being so irrationally stubborn, Ray sighed with resignation. He scolded her with a serious look and wrapped his arms around her slender waist before pulling her back. He bent down to pick up the coat and draped it over Michelle's shoulders.

"Let go of me!"

Michelle was struggling while Ray continued to scoop her into his arms with calmness in his eyes. He didn't let go of her even though Michelle was beating and kicking him.

She was completely wrapped in Ray's coat.

Then, Ray said in a low, attractive voice, "I will agree to any of your requests if you let me drive you home. But you must listen to me up until then."

If Michelle really ran out of the hotel covered only in a bed sheet, her life would be ruined.

How could she have no regard for herself as a young woman?


Michelle was very angry at hearing his conditions. She beat and kicked Ray with all her strength. He then looked her in the eyes with a steely determination.

Ray slammed his lips onto hers and successfully stifled any further screams and protests. But at the same time his sudden kiss, after her initial surprise wore off, caused her to struggle even harder.

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