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   Chapter 1133 Inebriation

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Just as Ray moved forward with the intent to continue helping Michelle get over her worries, a sudden look of fear edged into Michelle's eyes as if something had suddenly unnerved her. Like a duck weathering a thunderstorm, she huddled herself up at the corner of the sofa and wrapped her arms around her calves, trembling with despair.

At the same time, she kept mumbling over and over again, "Jacob has deserted me. He has abandoned me."

Overcome by alcohol, her sanity, which had been barely within her grasp, had now begun to disintegrate under the influence of inebriation.

Now, Michelle had become helpless like a child. She sniveled and choked as tears welled up in her eyes and wandered over her cheeks.

"Fine! It's fine. It's not worth crying over." Ray was petrified by her sudden emotional breakdown, but then a complicated and imperceptibly concerned expression crept onto his face. With a deep sigh, he sat down next to Michelle, picked up the business coat from the tiled floor, and put it back around her shoulders.

"Look at what you have become because of Jacob."

Ray murmured in a dissatisfied tone, patting her shoulder. He hoped she could find a way to get rid of her emotional entanglements and become a positive woman instead of being such a disappointed one.

"You, you shut up!"

Though Michelle was distracted and lost, she still stuck to Jacob's side of the fight. Upon hearing Ray's criticism of Jacob, she instantly made threatening gestures at Ray, pouting and staring at him while seizing the sides of his face. Slowly, she edged closer to Ray and forced a few words from between her clenched teeth, "Stop speaking ill of Jacob! He is mine!"

Thoroughly inebriated, she continued to stubbornly and unreasonably claim what she wanted, like a kid who couldn't have her favorite candy.

"Well, if he wants you, he is yours. Go! I will take you home."

One cup after another, Michelle showed no intention to stop drinking. Increasing concern arose in Ray's heart as he observantly perceived that something was wrong. Ray had to hold his temper in check while pretending to agree with her words as he tried to help her up.

It was already the early hours of the morning. Several men were lounging in the shadows while casting their greedy eyes on her from time to time, like she was their prey. She would definitely have been

lightly, he held Michelle's hand and left the bar, leaving behind those men, who were whistling and teasing with cat-calls.

When it came down to it, they hadn't seen Michelle's appearance clearly though. After all, she had been leaning against Ray's chest. Moreover, only the dim light in the bar and her messy hair had proven that she was a woman.

Even so, Ray had left ammunition for them with the fact that he had taken a woman out of a bar late at night.

As time flew by, Ray's brows grew more and more tightened as he frowned in an attempt to concentrate. Leaning forward onto the steering wheel, he tried his best to blink rapidly to regain his senses. The road stretching ahead of his car was becoming blurry.

The alcohol he had consumed was now beginning to affect him, and his sense of the world became quite surreal.

At the same time, Michelle had already fallen over on the backseat into unconsciousness.

"Let it be."

After struggling to drive a few more blocks, Ray found himself feeling more and more intoxicated. To be on the safe side, he immediately took Michelle into MR hotel.

In this unseen world, everything was prearranged. It was a foregone conclusion.

"Thank you."

Ray struggled to say these two words before he pulled Michelle into the hotel room while he staggered on unsteady legs.


Lying on the bed, Michelle watched the room spin through her droopy eyes. Her cheeks were flushed while her lips were slightly parted.

She remembered faintly that this should be Jacob's home.

"Jacob... Don't leave me alone."

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