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   Chapter 1132 Take Care Of Yourself

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When Jacob just stepped out of the hospital, he noticed Michelle standing right outside the building.

The gusting wind kept blowing her hair back from her forehead. There was no sign of love or possessiveness in her eyes. She looked calm and rather oddly cold.

The abrupt change in her attitude made Jacob very cautious. He had to be careful before making his next move.

"Miss Michelle, what are you doing here?"

Jacob gave her a cold glance. He walked towards her, but his pace receded when he reached about two feet away from her.

"Are you that reluctant to get close to me?"

Michelle looked down. Her voice was trembling.

It seemed as if they could only converse freely with each other on matters of the SL Jewelry's business.

Ever since she had left the hospital on that fateful day, he had hired additional guards to bolster the security. Michelle could barely make her way into the hospital. Whenever she managed to get close to the place, the guards would come over and chase her away. She could hardly manage anything in SL Jewelry. The company was facing an existential financial crisis.

Despite that, there wasn't much she could do to reverse it. She figured it was better for her to return the company back to him than watch it crumble while in her control. In that way, Jacob might end up appreciating her in the long run.

"If that is all you wanted to say, you should just go home. Don't waste my time here,"

Jacob replied aggressively.

He apparently had zero tolerance towards any other women besides Emily.


Michelle suddenly didn't know how to respond. His cold ruthless eyes felt like a dagger stabbing directly through her heart.

The pain she experienced was so unbearable that she suddenly began panting.

She bit her lips perhaps to give herself some more pain to be felt.

Then, she made up her mind.

"I am here to return the control and ownership rights of SL Jewelry. I couldn't manage it well. It will be better for the fortune of the company if I give it back to you."

As her words trailed, Michelle stared at his face in an attempt to catch every bit of change in his expressions.

She licked her lips and remained silent as she eagerly awaited his response.

She prayed that she would earn some form of affection from Jacob as a result of her noble gesture.

This was the last tussle she was willing to fight in order to win his heart.

It had always been a hide and seek game. Now was the final episode wherein she was expecting palpable results.

The cold and calm expression she had put up a while ago was to attract his undivided attention.


a state. Finally, he mustered the courage to walk towards her.

It was fall. Michelle had only worn a thin dress. Getting drunk in a bar like this was going to get her into many unforeseen troubles.

He took off his jacket and gently covered her with it.

"Who is it?"

she asked in a drunken voice. He could smell the booze on her breath. Holding her head up, she tried to see his face clearly. When she saw Ray, the light in her eyes dimmed.


Ray's body froze. The look she gave him made him feel embarrassed. Trying to jerk off the uncomfortable feeling, he asked, "Are you drinking alone? Don't you have company?"

"So what? That's none of your business."

Michelle was a bit tipsy. She managed to lean on the couch sideways. She swilled the liquor around in her glass. After a few failed trials, she swallowed it neatly.

"It's late. I think you should go home. It's not safe here by yourself."

Ray frowned. As he looked at her trying to refill her glass, he grabbed the bottle and put it away. "Let me give you a ride home."

People in the Starlight Club were either rich or powerful. There were many people richer than Michelle. If they took advantage of her vulnerable position, she couldn't really do anything about it later on.

In this society, no matter how tough a woman was, men could still exploit her. The fact that Michelle was drunk only made her an easier target for men with sinister intentions.

"It's none of your business!"

Michelle tried to grab the bottle. However, she couldn't. Immediately, she took her anger out on Ray. Her cheeks reddened with fuming anger. She tried really hard to stare at Ray. Then, she drunkenly banged the table and shouted at Ray, "Give me my bottle back!"


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