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   Chapter 1131 Darren Is Preparing For His Revenge

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9035

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Dina kept drawing circles with her fingertips as she said, "Mr. Li, let me accompany you tonight. Okay?"

"Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha… Okay, okay! That's great!" The man happily agreed.

Darren had successfully secured a deal with Mr. Li.

After all, Dina was already quite used to the eroticism at these alcohol-soaked social occasions.

Many senior staff members of various companies were easily seduced by Dina, and they soon lost their minds. However, it didn't mean that they were stupid or just useless fools. After all, Darren was a very smart man. It was unlikely that he would ever cooperate with someone who he thought was silly.

On his way to revenge, Darren had changed his strategy. So, Dina and Nora's targets were only the managers of the companies. The best they could do was to get someone a position as an assistant manager.

Mr. Li was a personnel manager. So, Dina asked him to help her "brother" secure a job in his department. Of course, Mr. Li didn't refuse her, because it was so easily within his reach and really such a small matter. In this way, Darren's man successfully got a job in this company.

Dina hadn't asked for an important position, and him giving her "brother" the job wouldn't cause any damage to the company. Therefore, Mr. Li had been willing to do her a favor with hardly any hesitation.

In fact, what Darren wanted was not the job. What he really wanted was the information that came with the job. As for the top executives, he would now be able to meet them in person.

Never take the little men in companies for granted. They were invisible, but they were everywhere, and they could easily steal information from the companies where they worked.

Just think about it. If two companies were bidding on a project and you talked about your design ideas with your friends at the dinner table, and then the next day you found out that the other company had magically provided an even better plan that was based, of course, on your own ideas, then in that case, you had been dealt a fatal blow, and you were screwed.

Darren had been trying his best to build up a trusting relationship with the company presidents. His purpose was to get their financial support and cooperate with them.

This was, however, only the beginning of his revenge.

It couldn't be denied that Darren was a man of action. In less than a month, he had already placed his men in many famous companies. Like a wasp that lay its eggs inside the spider, he was infiltrating these companies with his own men.

Besides, with Mr. Wang's help, Darren's plan was proceeding perfectly.

He remained behind the scenes, though, so both Louis and Seamus never knew where he was.

ey remained lovers, above all else.

While they were chatting happily, the bodyguard came out from the hospital and walked towards them as he said with a lowered head, "Mr. Gu, Miss Michelle is back."

"Tell her to go away," Jacob said coldly.

The smile on Jacob's face had completely vanished. Furrowing his eyebrows, he glanced at the bodyguard with an unhappy face, intent on delivering a tongue lashing. "Do I even need to answer such a stupid question?"

He had already told his bodyguards that he didn't want to see anyone at the hospital, especially Michelle and Seamus. He wondered why the bodyguard would still dare to disturb him.

"Okay. But Miss Michelle said that she is not here to make trouble today. She wants to talk with you about the affairs of SL Jewelry," the bodyguard explained.

"SL Jewelry?"

On hearing that name, Emily became lost in thought for a moment. Then she blinked and grabbed Jacob's arm. "Is it the company that you gave to me a long time ago?"

At first, Emily had owned SL Jewelry. But later, Michelle had taken it. At that time, Emily had been devoted to Jacob, so she had neither had the time nor the heart to fight against Michelle. 'Why would she come to Jacob today because of that?' Emily wondered.

"That's right!"

Jacob replied and nodded his head as he stroked Emily's head. His dark eyes glittered with a deeply cold light.

He had almost forgotten that Michelle still owned SL Jewelry.

"Go and have a look! Don't worry about me. I'm fine,"

Emily persuaded as she patted Jacob on his arm. In fact, she also wanted to know what the hell Michelle was going to do with her company.

"Okay!" Jacob agreed with Emily. Then, he ordered the bodyguard with a cold face, "Assign more men here to protect Mrs. Gu!"

"Yes, sir!"

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