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   Chapter 1130 The Funniest Joke In The World

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Darren looked like he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. His eyes glimmered with a dangerous light, and the smile on his lips reflected the emotion inside his black heart. He raised Dina's face to peer into her eyes, but he felt so disgusted that he moved his hand behind her head and grabbed her by the hair.

Without a word or warning, he started to drag her away like he was dragging a wet mop across the floor.

The long, luscious hair Dina used to be so proud of had become the very tool Darren used to bring her excruciating pain.


Dina shrieked and wailed until she ran out of breath. She threw her arms about and tried to wriggle out of his grip, but Darren kicked her in the stomach so hard that it almost knocked the wind out of her.

Once again, Darren wound his fingers into Dina's hair and pulled her head up to face him. Although her dress was ragged and dirty, Dina was more afraid for her own life than anything else. She put her hands together and pleaded, "Darren, I am so sorry! Please forgive me! Please!"

Darren, however, paid no attention as he dragged her behind him and threw her inside the house like a bag of meat.

With a loud and deep thump, Dina fell to the floor, shaking violently.


Dina hit her head on the corner of the table on her way down.

Immediately, her mind melted into soundless oblivion, swirling and sinking into blackness.

Her breaths came in short, pitiful gasps, but Darren had no room for pity in his heart.

"Forgive you? Why didn't you think of that before you decided to partner up with Jacob?"

When Darren laughed, his voice carried an eerie echo that drove shivers down her spine. His black eyes were bereft of mercy and hungry for vengeance. He clutched onto her thin gown and tore it to shreds.

Dina lay on the floor, crying. She was completely naked and exposed.

The coldness intensified and her face flushed with despair as every muscle tensed.

Dina had given up struggling by then. She already knew there was nothing she could do to stop him, so she decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do.

Her life was far more important to her than dignity.

However, her obedience didn't please Darren; instead, it made him feel angrier. As his mood worsened, he pulled his belt out and lashed her several times, disregarding the look of disbelief in her widened eyes.


Dina screamed in agony, her sharp and desperate screams filling the entire house.

Although she rolled around in pain, Darren dragged his belt across the ground behind her and pulled his arm back for another lashing. From her back and all the way to her legs, there was no more skin, only raw and weeping flesh in various shades of pink and red.

"You didn't think about the consequences of your actions before

looked beautiful in her red skin-tight dress, which accentuated the juicy curves of her body.

She barely had anything covering her ample bosoms, which was obviously the intention. Dina exuded a magnetic, sexual attraction, helped by her ever-revealing cleavage and moaning voice, to which Mr. Li's heart fell victim.

"Don't you like it?" He slowly moved closer to her, rubbing his fat body. When he leaned over, she could feel the warmth of his breath on her cheeks. And then all of a sudden, he licked her neck. His greasy hand rested on her knees, but soon, it made its way up to the gap between her legs.

"I do, but Mr. Li, we can't do that yet!"

Even Dina's emotionless eyes were struggling to hide how disgusted she felt inside. However, she managed to keep him allured with her seductive voice. Just as his hand was about to reach under her dress, she slowly grabbed his hand and rested it on a piece of paper.

As she leaned over to whisper, the perfume on her body invaded his nostrils and aroused him.

"You haven't signed the paper yet!"

Dina put the bottom of the pen inside her mouth and licked it in the most sexual way possible.

As Mr. Li's breathing became heavier, Dina realized that her work was near completion.

"I am signing it now! It's just an assistant manager position in the foreign relations department. I am giving it to you!"

Mr. Li swallowed quickly. All he could think was pounding Dina against the headboard and hearing her squirm in pleasure. With that in mind, he willingly signed the papers just as Dina had asked.

"Ha-ha! Mr. Li, you truly are a man of your word! Let's have a drink together!"

After seeing his name on the paper, Dina finally felt relieved. Putting the contract in a purse behind her, she turned to him with a sexy, attractive smile on her face. Then, she threw her soft body into his arms.

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