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   Chapter 1129 Despair

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8061

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Dina froze then and there, and she didn't dare to look back.

She closed her eyes, but her body was quivering even more violently.

There was no doubt in her mind that she was finished.

"Why are you in such a hurry, Miss Dina? Don't you want to talk about the old days with me, now that we've met again?" Darren's voice sounded sinister and haunting behind her back, draining the life out of her blood.

"Don't you think so?"

Darren had walked up to her until he stood only inches behind her. Then, he had gently breathed out those words into Dina's ear.

Seeing her trembling like an animal trapped in the hunter's light, Darren laughed out loud.

"I, I..."

Dina found herself unable to speak, and her eyes filled with tears. She froze and dared not move, and she felt like a prey surrounded by predators.

"Miss Dina, just stay."

Mr. Wang echoed Darren, only contributing to Dina's fear and desperation.

Dina closed her eyes as her heart sank into despair.

She knew that she couldn't get away from this.

After a lengthy pause, she said in a hoarse and dry voice, "Okay, I'll stay."

She lost both her dignity and her future the moment she spoke.

She now had only one hope that she clung onto:


"Mr. Wang, you are such a sensible man,"

Darren said softly, looking back at Mr. Wang as he blinked rapidly in surprise.

It hadn't occurred to him that Mr. Wang would stand on his side.

Even though what he had said was quite irrelevant, it showed that he wanted to cooperate and work as a team with him.

That was enough for what he needed to make him believe.

"You too,"

said Mr. Wang, his mouth curving into an evil smile. He made a toast to Darren and sipped from the glass with a complicated expression in his eyes.

Their cooperation had now officially begun.

It really saved so much trouble when talking to a smart man.

They were on the same page and knew how much they meant to each other through this simple exchange.

Dina didn't understand the meaning of their conversation and had no idea what to do. She just sat quietly in a chair with her hair all tangled and in a messy state. Slowly blinking her red and swollen eyes, she looked down at the ground.

After a while...

"I'll be waiting for your good news since you've said so, Mr. Wang."

The two men stood and smiled at each other. Then they shook hands, as if this wa

long time ago already. It was no longer entertaining.

There was no way she could fool him this time around.

He sneered and glared at her with his hands clenching the fabric of her blouse.


There was a crisp sound of a slap on her face.

Darren then immediately gave her another slap before she had even recovered from the first.

The crisp sound of several slaps echoed in the empty room.

Dina was crying and begging for mercy at his feet.

The whole scene was most disturbing.

"You'd better learn to know your place next time."

Having grown numb, Dina had no idea how many slaps Darren had given her.

Dina had no strength left to beg for mercy now. She just sat there, slumped on the floor as Darren laid into her with a thorough beating, without her being able to offer any resistance.

Darren drew back his hands and looked at her with anger and contempt, contributing to the tension in the room.

Her cheeks were now numb and terribly swollen, and she couldn't feel a thing.

Drops of blood were tracing down from the corners of her mouth.

"Forgive me, forgive me..."

she tentatively said in a very small voice.

Dina lay lifelessly on the ground, and her hair was in utter shambles now. Blood flowed down from the corners of her mouth, and she looked very pale. Her face had been disfigured by bruising and swelling and there were hardly any traces of her exquisite beauty remaining.

Tears mixed with blood as they streamed down her face and all she could do now was beg for mercy.

However, she knew there was hardly any hope of it.

"Forgive you?"

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