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   Chapter 1128 Rumor

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While Dina was in China, she had arranged for someone to contact Mr. Wang for a meeting. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that he had agreed to meet with her after all; she hadn't thought that it would be that simple.

After thoughtfully dressing up for the occasion, Dina sat by the dresser, blankly staring up at her innocent and delicate reflection in the mirror, lost in a reverie.

Dina seemed to have been thrust into a daydream where she had become the queen of the entertainment industry after successfully seducing Mr. Wang.

A few hours later, Dina arrived at the coffee shop on time, as planned. The second she stepped into the shop, she noticed a man sitting in the corner.

The man was dressed in a finely tailored Italian suit which highlighted his chiseled figure. His brooding deep eyes and the slight stubble over his finely crafted chin couldn't hide life's vicissitudes. Like fine wine, time hadn't just added to his age, it had made him wise and seasoned, which in turn added to his charm.

Dina could tell simply by judging from the man's appearance that he had to be Mr. Wang.

After calming herself down, Dina walked towards the man with a beautiful smile that lit up her entire face.

Suffice it to say, Nora would have been surprised to see her sugar daddy, Mr. Wang, sitting here today if she were here now.

Dina was about to get hit by a storm.

Unfortunately, poor Dina had no idea of what was about to happen.

In her innocent naivety, she was too enamored by the thought of having a prosperous life to actually see logic and reason.

"Mr. Wang."

Dina managed to hide her excitement, resolved to deliver the best performance of her life.

Fluttering her eyelashes for a little effect, she peeked at Mr. Wang from time to time. Each click of her french manicured nails on the table echoed the tumultuous thudding of her heartbeat.

This was by far the best rendition of an innocent, helpless lady she had ever done in her entire life.

If only she had put more effort into improving her acting skills, perhaps she would have achieved something great in life instead of living the way she was.

"Are you Miss Dina Li?"

Mr. Wang raised his head. Tilting his head slightly, he took a good look at her with his brooding eyes. All of a sudden, there was a slight change in the way he looked at her. After snapping out of his thoughts, he lowered his head and chuckled to himself.

The deepness of his voice captivated Dina's ears.

"You look different from what I

inst the chair with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Raising his chin at Dina, he asked, "Miss Dina, am I right?"

"Ye-yes," Dina answered in a trembling voice. She lowered her head in shame, deliberately averting her eyes. Her eyes showed only panic, but all she could do was to nod her head like a robot.

All of a sudden, she shook her head and snapped out of her thoughts. Almost in tears, Dina looked up at Mr. Wang nervously and said, "No, I didn't,"

How could she be foolish enough to admit to the fact that she had lived in Darren's house before? She might as well have axed herself on the foot.

If Darren suddenly decided to take her away, she wouldn't have any excuses to run away from him.

Mr. Wang was the only one here who could save her from Darren. She had to seize this opportunity.


Mr. Wang commented in an eloquent voice, glancing at her with a vague smile.

His face conveyed an arresting spectrum of mixed emotions.

A weird silence followed straight after, making it harder for Dina to breathe.

Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists tightly, Dina stood up all of a sudden. Taking one step backward, she hid her fear and smiled. "Excuse me, Mr. Wang. I've just arrived here, so I still have many things to deal with. I'm afraid that I have to leave now. I'm so sorry."

She had just arrived here?

Darren was thrilled to hear that.

If she had just arrived in this country, it would only mean that she didn't have any friends here yet.

This day seemed to have been a blessing in disguise for Darren.

Darren immediately grabbed Dina's arm tightly with all his strength, looking to stop her from fleeing again.

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