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   Chapter 1127 KS Manor

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6791

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Standing across the street, Darren recognized Louis's bodyguard.

It had never occurred to him that Louis would find out where he lived.

"Mr. President, we found the house by using GPS, but there was no one in it. The neighbors said there was hardly anyone going in or out of the house,"

said the bodyguard on the other side of the phone conversation with his head respectfully lowered.

"Got it. Don't let anyone see you." Louis sat back on his couch and gently drummed his fingers on the table. He looked at the photo of Emily and her children standing on the corner of the table, and the expression in his eyes grew more determined.

He forced the words out of his mouth, gritting his teeth as he said, "Hunt Darren down! Kill him if you can't bring him back to me."

Some way or another, Darren had to die.

This was his "gift" to Darren. Anyone who dared to hurt Emily must pay up.

"Yes, sir!"

Hearing what Louis said, the bodyguard developed goosebumps, and the expression on his face hardened.

Louis was usually composed and poised, and he rarely lost his temper in front of them, let alone demanded to kill someone.

It seemed that Darren had really vexed the Ke Family.

"Don't contact me again. I'll get in touch with you if there's any need."

Darren pursed his lips and tapped his fingers on the screen. Only darkness lingered in his eyes.

Squeezing his phone with all his strength, he almost cracked the screen.

He was now like a disowned dog that had been cast out.

He felt like he had been cornered in a dead end and there was no way out. His heartbeat raced and he found it difficult to breathe.


He banged his fist down on the steering wheel, resulting in a loud hoot from the car horn.

His eyes grew pale and red-rimmed as they blazed with fury. He gritted his teeth with anger and wanted all those who defied him to burn in hell.

When had he, Darren, been disgraced like this?

He was the President of KING Group! He should be the winner!

The winner!

ere. Then, you won't have to dance to Jacob's beat,"

said the assistant after some careful calculation.

She and Dina were really a perfect match.

"Of course, Jacob will not be my only backer."

Besides, she hated Emily!

Dina gently raised her head and fluttered her eyelashes as she crossed her hands in front of her chest.

She was more than happy to sell her body to win the money and support of a rich benefactor.

She believed that all women should know how to make use of their body. It was, after all, their best asset.

As the night deepened, the light from the street lamps illuminated the side of Dina's face, emphasizing her fair beauty.

She was undecided in her own mind whether such behavior was pathetic or detestable.

However, she had no idea that this trip to F Country would be a disaster for her.

But, of course, that was another story.

Ten hours later

Dina took off her sunglasses and stretched her arms, taking in the sunlight. She looked up at the clear blue sky outside as her ambitions stirred, and she smiled in anticipation of her bright future.

She was in F Country now, the land of potential.

She had found out that there was someone who was the equivalent of Mr. Wang behind the entertainment circle here in F Country. She had to hook up with him if she wished to make it in F Country.

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