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   Chapter 1126 Nora And Darren Were In The Same Boat Now

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Deeply perturbed by Darren's text, Nora immediately decided to respond with a direct call rather than a text. As soon as the call was connected, Darren heard Nora speaking to someone with an appeasing tone.

"Seamus, why won't you believe me? I was just here to have some tea with my friend."

Suddenly, the hints and puzzle pieces began to form a point, and it hit Darren harder than ten stories falling off an apartment building. His face darkened and his mind went blank momentarily before he quickly covered the receiver with his palm so that Seamus wouldn't hear any noise over the phone.

Darren carefully listened to their conversation over the phone while his deep eyes soon took the form of a black hole in space, with an air of eeriness and unsettling coldness.

There was no mistaking it: Seamus was also in F Country at the moment.

"Nora, do you think that I was born yesterday?"

Seamus hissed in anger, feeling impatient. Then, squinting his deep dark eyes at nothing in particular after failing to keep his rage at bay, he thumped the table with his fist, rattling the cups and plates on the table.

The whites in Seamus's eyes turned a pure black, and his irises glowered teal.

Nora captured a flash of murderous rage in his eyes.

He really wanted to kill Nora.

"Seamus, what on earth are you going to do now?"

Nora cried out. Meanwhile, without wasting any time, after getting out of the bathroom, Darren quickly asked a waiter where the back door was. Then, he quickly put his hat and sunglasses on and walked away. After making sure that it was safe, he tapped on his phone screen three times and then hung up immediately.

Nora felt relieved as soon as she received Darren's signal. When she realized that Darren wasn't listening in anymore, Nora's eyes narrowed into her infamous glare and her voice hardened.

"Stop bringing up Darren all the time. Do you know how long it's been since I left him?" Nora pouted arrogantly as she crossed her arms and raised her chin. Then she continued, "I'm sure you've heard about what happened between me and Darren in the past. So you must also know that he hates my guts. If he comes here for me, I won't hesitate to drop everything and run away. What makes you think I would want to have afternoon tea with him?"

Nora pushed a few strands of hair behind her ears with her fingers and stuck out her tongue seductively to lick her lips. In order to make Seamus believe her, she raised her voice and added, "I have met someone here. He takes good care of me. Darren and I are officially ancient

s back to her, dusting the part of his sleeve where Nora had held him just now.

"However, if you continue to be so bothersome, I won't hesitate to give you a new job as a prisoner," Darren added.

What he needed was an obedient subordinate, not a concerned girlfriend.

"Okay, I get it, I get it,"

Nora mumbled in a low voice upon hearing Darren's words. Her face turned red with shame. Although she felt insulted by his words, she didn't dare to reveal her true emotions.

Nora waited until Darren had left and closed the door before she screamed into a cushion to vent her anger.

"Go to hell! Damn you!"

Soon, the silence in the room was replaced by Nora's pathetic sobbing.

Meanwhile, not long after leaving the villa, Darren drove to the city center.

He drove to a place where he owned a house in secret.

Although it was not a very extravagant house, it was practical and a very convenient place to hide in.

Since he expected Seamus's men to be searching for him, Darren thought that the best option for him would be to lay low for a few days.

However, just when he was about to park his car, Darren saw several men dressed in black standing in front of the entrance of his house. They were pretending to be having fun there.

They didn't look like locals who were born in F Country.

Immediately, he sat upright in his seat, heart palpitating and his breathing in a frantic state. He quickly looked away, subtly rolled up the window of the car, and drove away as if he was just passing by.

When he drove closer to them, Darren squinted his eyes to get a better look at them.

Gripping the steering wheel firmly, he forced the words out of his gritted teeth.

"Damn it!"

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