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   Chapter 1125 A Narrow Escape

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6576

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Michelle looked down at Ray's fingers as they locked around her wrist while a complex expression settled on his face. She swallowed back her excitement and shook her head, and then her face resumed that same cold look.

"Take care,"

she said, turning around and walking away quickly, not concerned with Ray's feelings.

Sorrow coursed all over her body, carried in her own blood, but she didn't want to show it in front of him.

Anyhow, Ray was firm in his decision to stand by Emily.

He was therefore an outsider to her.


said Ray. Watching her leaving and gradually disappearing out of his sight, he pursed his lips and rubbed his fingers, which had touched her wrist moments ago. Somehow, there was a feeling of emptiness left on his fingers by Michelle's departure.

Still deeply pensive, Ray walked out of the hospital.

Although everything was almost back to normal, Seamus was still out looking for Darren beyond Jingshi City.

"Sir, we've been out searching for a week but haven't even caught sight of Darren. Some of our men are getting impatient."

The driver carefully raised his head to take a look at Seamus's reaction in the rear view mirror. Seeing that his eyes were closed for some rest, the driver tentatively spoke. "How about we go back now, perhaps..."

"Shut up!"

Seamus frowned, and his eyes hardened to show a cold harshness. He then forced bitter words from his mouth with his eyes dangerously narrowed. "Scram if you don't want to do this.

No one can go back if Darren can't be found."

His look hardened and the expression in his eyes seemed more serious. "I won't back off, and I won't leave with nothing. We will leave no stone unturned."

Seamus would definitely not back off now. His honor demanded this.

He was resolved in his mind to make Darren pay for what he had done to Emily.

"Yes, yes."

Seamus's glare froze the driver's blood. The man trembled and was soon covered with goos

is eyes became dark and red-rimmed as he fixed Nora with a deadly stare. His opponent was near!

The one who had been opposite Nora only minutes ago could have been Darren.

"What are you talking about? I was just here, drinking coffee with a friend."

Nora waved her hands in front of Seamus to deny what he had said. She then secretly slipped her hands back into her pocket and tapped her phone to send a message to Darren.

Just as Seamus had expected, the person who had been drinking coffee here with Nora was Darren.

Luckily for Darren, he had gone to the bathroom five minutes before Seamus had rushed in.

The consequences would have been unimaginable if Darren had been caught here by Seamus.

"What friend?"

Seamus took a chair and sat right opposite Nora. He blocked her way out and demanded an answer from her.

He thought for sure that he could discover Darren's location by pressuring Nora.

"Ah, just one of my besties that you don't know."

Nora was now very nervous. Seamus's proximity meant that she couldn't send a message to Darren. She had no idea what to do now.

She sweated with dread and worry, and she prayed that Darren would get out of here as soon as possible.

Now that they were in the same boat, she had to do what she could to get Darren out of this.

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