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   Chapter 1124 An Innocuous Joke

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7198

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Jacob was the man who could send her into dramatic hysterics every time.

"Piss off!"

Jacob's face contorted with the venomous outburst.

At the same time, he moved to one side and pulled Emily into his arms.

Then, without any word or warning, Jacob pushed Michelle to the ground with full force as if she was nothing but garbage. Shooting her a sideways glance, Jacob sneered, "I would have taken reprisals against you if it weren't for Rita's sake. Get out of my sight while I am still in a good mood today!"


Michelle remained on the floor as if paralyzed by the pain in her ankles. Her heart trembled and a sharp pain gnawed at her insides, like a thousand hungry rats, condemning her to exceptional discomfort.

She gaped at Jacob, starting at him in stunned disbelief.

In that distressing moment, resentment and jealousy arose from the bottom of her heart and trapped her in despair. Michelle felt as though she had been abandoned and all her beautiful dreams for the future had vanished simultaneously.

Her thoughts clouded by sentiment, Michelle could hardly see reason.

"What's so good about this woman? All she ever does is wallow in sadness and stay in bed. I'm sure you've noticed that yourself. Aren't you tired of her drama yet?

Were you just pretending to be in love with me all long?"

Michelle staggered up to her feet, hair disheveled, but her eyes maintained eye contact with Jacob the whole time. Only anger resided in her eyes now.

"Please send someone in to escort Michelle out of here!"

Jacob didn't even want to waste his breath on Michelle. His first priority was to send her as far away as he could. After all, only by doing so could he guarantee Emily's safety.

He took out his cellphone and mumbled something over in a sullen tone. Within two minutes, three bodyguards dressed in black entered the ward and dragged Michelle towards the door by her arms.

"Let go of me! Jacob, I am warning you. You will come to regret your actions today!" she threatened Jacob and her shrieking voice silenced everyone.

Michelle had never suffered such humiliation before in her life. All of a s

from me."

Michelle turned around and tried to walk away.

Unfortunately, she had completely forgotten about her aching ankles. Just a while back, she had been struggling to even take the stairs.

And her high-heeled shoes weren't making things any easier for her. With just two steps forward, a sharp pain shot up her body.

Soon after, the pain was reflected on her face and her eyes became redder than they were before.

Just as she was about to collapse, Ray quickly stepped forward and caught her arm.

"Are you all right?"

Ray was unaware that his voice had just shown slight hints of affection.

"Get your hands off me!"

After realizing what had happened, Michelle fiercely shook off Ray's hand and forced herself to stand up again. The embarrassment on her face was quite obvious. She immediately turned around, deliberately averting eye contact with Ray.

"I have other things to take care of. See you some other time."

What Michelle thought sounded confident actually sounded like a desperate cry for help to Ray.

Without hesitation, Ray grabbed hold of her arm and suggested, "Your injury will only get worse if you keep applying pressure on your foot. Why don't you come to dinner with me, and then I'll buy you a new pair of shoes?"

Ray sounded like a proper gentleman who was just trying to help out without expecting anything in return.

"Forget it. I have important things to deal with!"

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