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   Chapter 1123 Why Are You Here

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Maybe it was because Emily had been too sick, but after nearly a month and a half in the hospital, she was still sleeping for most of the day. She could only remain awake for a few hours intermittently.

After finally dealing with Darren and Bill, Jacob had put all other things behind him, and he devoted himself to taking care of Emily, fearing that something bad might happen to her.

"How are you feeling today? Do you still feel uncomfortable or tired?"

The morning sunlight shone down upon them through the glass windows. The warmth penetrated their skin and gradually infiltrated into their bodies.

Emily felt a glowing sense of peace. Turning over on the bed, she looked at Jacob for a long time with a smile hovering on her lips. Seeing Jacob's increasingly tense expression because of her silence, she chuckled.

"It's okay. I just can't believe that you are still here with me."

She sometimes wondered whether this was a dream. She and Jacob had undergone such a long period of desperate bickering. She had given up hope that she could ever expect them to get along again.

"Don't overthink everything!"

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief, and the worry in his eyes gradually dissipated. He pretended to stare at her angrily, and leaned forward to pinch her nose. "You won't let me rest even for a day, will you?"

he teased. Emily's eyes blinked mischievously. She huddled up against the bed and stuck out her tongue playfully.

She was going to say something when she suddenly felt a deep pain in her stomach.


Her face instantly went pale. She let out a ragged groan and used both hands to cover her stomach.

Jacob was terribly frightened at the sight of her in such agony.

He quickly held Emily's trembling body, suppressing the turmoil of his emotions deep in his heart, and whispered, "Are you okay? Do you want me to call the doctor?"

He couldn't stand anything that posed a threat for him and Emily, and he didn't want Emily to suffer any longer.

"It's okay. The doctor said that it's normal for the last few months of the pregnancy. It shows that our baby

glared at Emily, who was being held tightly in Jacob's arms. She screeched hysterically, "Emily, you are still alive?!"

She had thought that Jacob's behavior had made it clear that Emily was critically ill. When she had come to see Emily last time, Emily had been in a state of hopelessness and despair. That was only a few days ago. How could she be so alive and well now?

And how dare Jacob hold Emily in his arms in front of her? They were shameless!


Emily recognized Michelle's voice. She was stunned for a second, but she recovered as usual in a flash. She didn't dodge Michelle's hostile glare and instead, stood up and walked towards the door with her head held high. Emily lightly said, "Miss He, why are you here today?"

Then, in case Michelle couldn't see it before, Emily turned and sagged into Jacob's arms for support.

Although Emily was obviously trying to provoke Michelle, Jacob was more than happy to play along.

Their timing was splendid!

His arms tightened protectively around Emily.

"Who are you doing this for? Don't think that I don't know what you two are up to!"

Michelle was so angry that she couldn't bear to be further provoked by Emily. She clenched her teeth and almost spat out the words in a rage.

She stormed into the room. Her anger was burning wildly out of control. She raised her hands and tried to rip Emily out of Jacob's arms.

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