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   Chapter 1122 The Hostess

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'I would rather stand than be taken advantage of by that disgusting man.'

Taking a deep breath, Nora straightened her skirt, brushed one strand of hair behind her ear and exhaled. More or less everyone in the room had already figured out what Nora's relation to Darren was, so they focused all their attention on her like hunters eyeing their prey.

"Don't you understand what I said just now?"

Darren's voice grew huskier and his words made Nora's body tremble as she stepped back with dread and apprehension.

It was blatantly obvious to Nora that Darren was deliberately trying to humiliate her in public, and yet she did not refuse his order and walked up to the fat man Darren was pointing at. A small line of drool trickled out the corner of the man's mouth as he smiled, and he breathed so loudly he almost snored. The man's very presence made Nora nauseous.

"Mr. Xu, what do you mean by that?"

the fat man gently asked as he looked at Nora and supported her slender body with his hand.

The corners of Darren's mouth rose slightly and his dark but cold eyes glimmered scornfully. There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone as he said, "She is my subordinate, and from today on, she will be the nominal hostess of this club."

'The hostess?'

Nora suddenly stopped trembling, and when she looked at the mysterious Darren, a sense of hope grew inside her heart.

'Is Darren still in love with me?

Will I really become the hostess of the biggest club in F Country?'

Nora thought to herself as she tried to suppress her joy while maintaining a dignified expression on her face.

"The hostess? Mr. Xu, is she your wife?"

The fat man sounded surprised and his face suddenly turned pale. This entertainment club was the last support Bill had left to him, but today, it was easily being taken by Darren. He had just managed the club for Bill for a while, so he had no courage to disobey Darren. Just now, he had seized the opportunity to be Nora's hero. However, it turned out that the beautiful woman was Darren's wife. Therefore, the fat man was almost sure that his good time was over.

'His wife?'

The fat man's words resonated with Nora, who deluded herself into believing that she was actually Darren's wife. The next moment, Nora began to glance at the others proudly with her head held high.

Why wouldn't she be happy? After all, Nora had been dreaming for something of this magnitude to happen in

After all, he had missed her just as much, if not more, as they did. Hunk stood by Emily's bedside and said, "Yvonne, you're still very weak. Please, try to be careful and don't walk around too much. If there is something you want to drink or eat, just call me. I'll prepare whatever you need."

Hunk spoke in a soft, loving tone, just as one would expect from a father. Jacob, however, felt that Hunk was just talking about insignificant things. But hearing those words warmed Emily's heart.

Emily felt remorseful for what she had done. How could she have been silly enough to want to die? It was selfish of her to abandon all the people who loved and cared for her deeply.

With tears brimming in her eyes, Emily tried her best to control her emotions and she couldn't help clutching at the quilt underneath her.

Emily still felt fragile, but perhaps her lack of strength was due to the fact that she hadn't fully recovered yet or because she was pregnant.

Jacob, who was standing next to her the whole time, noticed something strange about Emily. With his eyes squinted, he said to Hunk in a deep voice, "Emily has just regained consciousness. She should get some rest. Why don't you come back tomorrow morning?"

Jacob tried his best to make his tone sound gentle and polite, but Hunk still got angry at him.


Taking Emily's feelings into consideration, Hunk decided that it wouldn't be best to argue with Jacob in front of his daughter.

Hunk turned to face Emily with a warm smile and said, "Yvonne, get some rest! Nothing is more important than your health. I'll be here if you need me."

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