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   Chapter 1121 A Hypocritical Woman

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6668

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"You've come back so early. I thought you had something to deal with,"

Nora said in surprise because Darren had left just a little while ago.

"So what? Even when I'm coming down, you still look up to me? Huh?"

Darren resorted sarcastically, for he had seen through her.

How could a skittish and materialistic woman like her not covet his money, especially since she had seen the opulent surroundings of the manor house?

"No... Darren, you... I didn't mean that. I've really been missing our old days, when we were together and happy and stable. I really miss those times..."


Nora had been a rich wife with money to burn on countless customized clothes, diamonds, and watches of a variety of styles. She certainly did miss those good times. However, she had been almost possessed by her immense desire to be the woman of the Xu Family's house at that time.

Finally, and as a result of her obsession, she had lost David, and she had also lost Darren. Now, she would sell her soul for fame and fortune. Maybe this was her punishment. She was facing retribution.

"Miss the old days? Are you also missing the time when you were fooling around with another man behind my back? And that time when I was putting my whole heart into you while you took me for a fool? I find myself in my awkward position all because of you, Nora!"

Darren countered loudly and bitterly with a faint sneer slashing across his lips. Every word sliced her heart like a sharpened knife.

However, Nora didn't feel sad and ashamed at all. All that she could feel was that Darren was breaking into a furious rage.

She was afraid of him but couldn't hide from him, because there were still many issues between them that hadn't been solved.

"Darren, I know I'm greedy. I know that I totally blew it. It's my fault. It's all my fault..."

Nora began to sniffle and suddenly, tears flooded her eyes, making her look pitiful with sorrow.

But Darren had grown sick of her over a long time.

the bodyguard led Darren inside, together with Nora, who was utterly shocked by Darren's connections.

Every member here was a big shot in some trade field in the world. They were all rich enough to buy their own countries. Even those who came here for gambling were first reviewed and then approved by the club.

She hadn't even been able to get into the gate with Mr. Wang. Now, she had been invited inside with dignity and respect because of Darren.

Who on earth was he?

He had pretended to be a paraplegic; he had created the KING Group that could compete with the mighty Jacob; and now, he owned the largest club and casino in F Country.

Why hadn't she known this during all those years of sleeping with him?

With these questions, she followed Darren into a private room where all the most influential people of MK Group were present. They greeted Darren one by one.

Darren just nodded slightly and found a place to sit while Nora, as his female companion, was intending to grab a seat next to him.

But Darren suddenly turned, stared at her, and, as he pointed to a fat man, commanded, "Sit over there!"

Over there?

Nora was confused. There was no seat left over there. Did he mean for her to sit on that man?

She quickly dismissed this disgusting idea and smiled awkwardly. "I'll just stand."

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